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tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 18:20:47

Please help me narrow this down! I'm looking for something for my baby, not one yet. Looking on Facebook marketplace there are so many brands I'm a bit overwhelmed. Would like it to have a basket.

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voxnihili Sat 11-Sep-21 06:38:08

A lot of seats on this type of buggy don’t sit fully upright which may be a consideration. I wasn’t too concerned about that and bought a silver cross zest but DD hated the seat on it as she likes to be bolt upright when she’s sitting.

The silver cross pop and reflex both sit completely upright and we now have a reflex. I liked the pop but just found the reflex a bit easier to manoeuvre and it looks more comfy than the pop.

tigerbreadandtea Sat 11-Sep-21 06:47:27

@voxnihili my baby does like to be upright...argh now I'm not sure whether to spend more on a yo yo.

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voxnihili Sat 11-Sep-21 07:06:52

I don’t think the yo-yo goes completely upright - not like the reflex or zest do.

MsSquiz Sat 11-Sep-21 07:56:48

We got the mamas and papas airo recently, it's virtually identical to the yoyo, except it lies completely flat (has 3 positions) whereas I don't think the yoyo does. It also comes with a foot rest as standard - this is an additional extra on the yoyo!

It was the same price as the yoyo, so doesn't help on the cost side of things.
It folds up really small and is super lightweight to carry

badg3r Sat 11-Sep-21 09:32:49

The yoyo doesn't go completely upright. Although ours just kind of lean forward in the harness when they want to see better 😂 maclaren goes more upright. Also if you do get the yo-yo I would recommend getting the extra footrest as well.

Fupoffyagrasshole Sat 11-Sep-21 12:51:41

I only have a yo yo as it’s my everyday Pram too as I live on London in tiny flat!! Wouldn’t spend the money on it if it was just for travel I’d say


Redlorryyellowlorryblue Sat 11-Sep-21 13:00:48

Silver Cross Pop

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