Best travel stroller pushchair

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tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 18:20:47

Please help me narrow this down! I'm looking for something for my baby, not one yet. Looking on Facebook marketplace there are so many brands I'm a bit overwhelmed. Would like it to have a basket.

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tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 21:07:32

Maclaren any good?

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toolazytothinkofausername Fri 10-Sep-21 21:11:30

Chicco Liteway 3 Stroller

toolazytothinkofausername Fri 10-Sep-21 21:12:13

Sorry, not a helpful link as I don't think there is any stock at Argos blush

Sakura03 Fri 10-Sep-21 21:22:24

Silver cross pop, I bought mine second hand and I’ve taken it on flights several times.

Fredstheteds Fri 10-Sep-21 21:40:45

Minu from uppababy

saywhatwhatnow Fri 10-Sep-21 21:43:08

Babyzen yoyo


Fupoffyagrasshole Fri 10-Sep-21 21:46:40

Yo yo!! Fits in over head compartment!!

I’ve flown with 6 month old alone and checked a bag and brought buggy as carry on so I have it as soon as I leave the plane - also have a tiny flat so it takes up no space

grisen Fri 10-Sep-21 21:53:00

Depends on your needs and budget.
Does it need to fold down small enough to be taken as a cabin bag? Silver cross jet or babyzen yo-yo.
Umbrella fold? Silver cross Reflex, or any of the other ones are good. Maclaren are good.
Fold in half? Cosatto ones are good or mamas and papas armadillo

BertieBotts Fri 10-Sep-21 21:53:45

Yes, maclaren are workhorses.

Silver cross, Mothercare, Hauck, obaby, Mamas and papas and Joie are also worth getting but if you can get a maclaren and it's not ancient that's probably your best bet.

SeptemberNC Fri 10-Sep-21 21:54:23

Babyzen yoyo

tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 22:03:48

Not willing to spend loads on a yo yo, it will go in the hold so I guess umbrella style? Thanks so much, knew mumsnet would come to my rescue.

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YesIDoLoveCrisps Fri 10-Sep-21 22:20:09

What about an older Quinny Zapp you can get them for £20 secondhand. It has a basket and folds up tiny.

DigitalGhost Fri 10-Sep-21 22:22:30

Joie pact! Took it to Tenerife & it was great. Prefer it to my expensive Maclaren.

tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 22:38:37

I was looking at the maclaren stroller and silver cross pop. Thanks I'll see if I can find a bargain

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MeadowHay Fri 10-Sep-21 22:47:22

We've just bought a Woosh 2 from Cosatto as our new lightweight buggy option for our 3yr old and will later be used for DC2 whose arrival is imminent. It's very light, easy to steer one-handed, decent wheels, pretty generous basket space for a stroller, pretty big sunshade, good coverage rain cover, easy one-handed fold, position of the brake means it can be bumped up and down steps easily too. Plus can be used to 25kg and has a four year guarantee so guaranteed good longevity. We got ours in the sale for £99. Concertina fold but think this can actually be easier for packing into small spaces than umbrella folds tbh.

The Woosh 2 is to replace our Joie Nitro which I wouldn't recommend. We got that for about £60 when we were cash strapped but there's so many negatives: the brake is in a place that makes it really hard to bump up and down steps safely so eventually as my DC got heavier I couldn't do it safely anymore, the rain cover doesn't really cover the stroller properly and is easy for a toddler to pull off/escape from and the velcro fastenings are weak and not very durable so get crap and unstick quickly, it doesn't really have a sunshade, the wheels are crap so it's a very bumpy ride for them and we've had ours 3yrs but not as main use for most of that time and it's falling apart, it feels like it's going to split in half when you push it hence us replacing it!

mayblossominapril Fri 10-Sep-21 22:52:13

Silver cross pop. Very sturdy

tigerbreadandtea Fri 10-Sep-21 23:22:50

@MeadowHay thanks that's such a detailed and helpful review!!

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mobear Sat 11-Sep-21 00:11:34

We have the Joolz Aer, which I like very much.

mummaelle Sat 11-Sep-21 00:18:02

I have a babyzen yoyo2. It's super compact and light and great quality.

sicknote26 Sat 11-Sep-21 00:24:05

I had maclarens with mine, loved them

badg3r Sat 11-Sep-21 01:05:17

We have three kids, four buggies and family in different countries. Seriously, if you will travel a bit or are planning more than one kid, get a yo-yo. Get one second hand. But nothing else even comes close in terms of making flights with kids easier.

We have two bigger buggies with travel bags. On flights, we have had handlebars damaged twice. Our maclaren break got broken. Two car seats have been written off. We were compensated for all of these but my god, try a week in the mountains with two kids and a buggy with a handlebar that has been severed in two. It is no fun 🤪

badg3r Sat 11-Sep-21 01:08:24

Also, and I loved our maclaren too, but the yo-yo is a breeze to steer with one hand and you the maclaren is nigh in impossible.

ohdearthehouseisburningdown Sat 11-Sep-21 02:35:42

Ergobaby Metro folds small enough for hand luggage and not as expensive as the Yo-yo. I also love that the rear wheels are larger and the seat sits higher than other travel prams I tried

Furries Sat 11-Sep-21 03:45:53

@tigerbreadandtea - firstly, I hope you get some good advice. Secondly, I really hope that, in the fug of parenthood, you forget you ever asked this question. And that you come back a few years later to answer yourself!

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