Tomorrow I change my life

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HerRoyalRisesAgain Tue 31-Aug-21 20:36:57

I'm 30, a single mum to 3 and have the following list of diagnoses:




Psychosis with auditory and visual hallucinations


Hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome

Psoriatic arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Subrapubic disfunction

De Quervains tenosynovitis


Binge eating disorder

I use a walking frame to help me mobilise and I am currently 19st 10lb.

Ive joined weight watchers, have a load of healthy snack options in.

I plan on getting between 6 and 8 thousand steps a day (have been slowly working up from 2000 for the last year)

I'm going to start keeping a journal and mark all appointments in a diary.

I'm going to do some gentle yoga every day, even if I only manage ten minutes.

Come cheer me on, join me in changing your life, or simply wish me luck.

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HerRoyalRisesAgain Tue 31-Aug-21 20:37:29

There were paragraphs before i posted... bloody app.

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Margaritawithlime Tue 31-Aug-21 20:39:25

Good for you. Inspiring. I wish you strength and luck.

YouAreEnough Tue 31-Aug-21 20:39:33

I will cheer you on. Good luck. You got it !!

bloodywhitecat Tue 31-Aug-21 20:39:51

There are paragraphs now too, I wish you all the luck in the world!

Anotherdayanotherdollar Tue 31-Aug-21 20:40:35

Best of luck flowers

Leftphalange Tue 31-Aug-21 20:41:00

Well done for taking action, good luck!


snotgrot Tue 31-Aug-21 20:41:08

Good for you!!! I'm a binge eater too it's horrible isn't it!! Here for a chat whenever you need cheering on!! You can do this!! Xx

NothingIsWrong Tue 31-Aug-21 20:41:22

All the best of luck - one small step at a time. I am starting a sober September and a run every day September tomorrow, will be urging you on with your challenge

HerRoyalRisesAgain Tue 31-Aug-21 20:41:44

Thank you everyone. For the first time in a long time I feel like I can really do this.

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Ifyouarehappyandyouknowit21 Tue 31-Aug-21 20:42:00

Good luck Op. You can do this 💪💪

DinkBoo Tue 31-Aug-21 20:43:37

Good luck, and well done ! flowers

pleaseletthecatout Tue 31-Aug-21 20:44:23

Honestly, you'll start to feel the benefits of some exercise really quickly. You can do this 😃

Zeebeededodah Tue 31-Aug-21 20:44:52

I'll cheer you on. You sound super positive which is half the battle. Keep going, and remember the end goal - each time you choose a healthier option you are winning. Forgive yourself if you muck up and get back on it.

Will look forward to some positive updates

Somertime Tue 31-Aug-21 20:45:45

Good luck!!! You can do this!!!

catwithflowers Tue 31-Aug-21 20:46:13

Amazing OP! The power of positive thinking. Wishing you every success thanks

AmIDoingThisRight Tue 31-Aug-21 20:47:46

Brilliant! Good for you - I wish you every success. smile

Bizjustgotreal Tue 31-Aug-21 20:47:50

You've got this!

What's the end goal? What exactly is the you you want to see in a month, a year, a decades time?

Have a number in mind, a visual image of how your life will be better.

It looks like you've been handed more than your fair share of hardship, but you'll definitely feel better for the increase in exercise.

TheAverageUser Tue 31-Aug-21 20:48:12

Good luck, you can do it 💪

Godwits Tue 31-Aug-21 20:49:00

♡ Cheering you on, OP ♡

Sunbird24 Tue 31-Aug-21 20:49:24

Sending willpower and self-belief rather than luck! Well done for deciding to start, that’s always the hardest part. Hope you get the outcome you deserve, and a positive impact on all areas of your life!

PainterInPeril Tue 31-Aug-21 20:50:13

@HerRoyalRisesAgain Good for you! Here's some flowers to celebrate the start of rest of your life, as they say! flowersflowers I'm sure everyone is behind you. You can do this! (goes to find cheerleaders outfit and pom-poms)....

toolazytothinkofausername Tue 31-Aug-21 20:50:46

You've got this!!! We've all got this!!!

I need to change my life. So badly. I have the power to be the person I want to be, just need to kick my ass into gear.

DC go back to school next week, so hopefully I can start making changes then smile

DoYouLikeOwls Tue 31-Aug-21 20:50:56

Good luck from me too.

Miniroofbox Tue 31-Aug-21 20:52:41

Good luck!

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