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RosesandPumpkins Sat 28-Aug-21 14:55:30

Anyone used this? Is it any good?


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DustySpringboard Sat 28-Aug-21 18:26:31

Not actually subscribed but did get the cinnamon bun kit from Costco (4 packs) and very impressed. A friend also bought her niece the rainbow cake kit and had good feedback.

EverybodyIsInteresting Sat 28-Aug-21 19:17:26

I got a couple of free boxes via an offer.

Nothing remarkable, imo. I wouldn't pay that much for it. But then I am a decent baker. It's probably good for people that want to increase their confidence in baking or increase their repertoire.

Questionsquestionsquestions Sat 28-Aug-21 19:19:07

We get this- it's great! Every month is totally different, and it's great to have everything there. Good for trying different things, and also for the monthly novelty of the delivery!

Yutes Sat 28-Aug-21 19:19:49

It’s convenient and easy if you’re not a confident baker. Everything is provided except wet ingredients and they turn out pretty good

RosesandPumpkins Sat 28-Aug-21 23:09:11

I’m considering it for my 8yo. They’ve expressed an interest and I thought it could be a good way of allowing them to do a bit of independent baking.

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WellTidy Sat 28-Aug-21 23:11:28

I’d imagine it would be perfect for an 8yo. Ds received a six month subscription to this when he was about 9 or 10yo and he loved it. Obviously you supply the wet stuff eg eggs or butter or milk.

The brownies were particularly good, I recall.


Whichjab Sat 28-Aug-21 23:14:12

Am I the only person who thought this was about covid deaths?

Hello1290 Sat 28-Aug-21 23:24:30

We had it for about a year at which point DD lost enthusiasm! All receipes turned out well although they can be quite time consuming as they usually involve some type of decoration. A little pricey I thought but worth doing as different types of receipes which make it quite interesting especially if your DC is interested in baking.

Hello1290 Sat 28-Aug-21 23:26:15

Forgot to say that all ingredients are pre weighed so perfect for an 8 year old.

EverybodyIsInteresting Sat 28-Aug-21 23:31:56

Ideal for an 8 year old imo.

EverybodyIsInteresting Sat 28-Aug-21 23:33:55


Am I the only person who thought this was about covid deaths?

Probably. I'm still trying to figure out why you thought it be 😆

EverybodyIsInteresting Sat 28-Aug-21 23:34:44

(I'm laughing at my inability to figure it out btw, not at you)

BarbaraofSeville Sun 29-Aug-21 04:50:02


Forgot to say that all ingredients are pre weighed so perfect for an 8 year old.

I would have thought that for an 8 YO it would be a good time to spend £5-10 on a set of scales and even less on a bag of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder etc so they don't start spending a tenner a time on less than a quid's worth of ingredients or think that baking is more complicated than schemes like this make out.

HungryHippo11 Sun 29-Aug-21 05:02:26

I think its a nice idea but when I looked into it, the price is very high for what you get. "Dry" ingredients would basically be flour, sugar and baking powder plus i expect each time there is a "special" ingredient like cinnamon or whatever. These things literally cost pennies. I would rather buy a good baking book and pick out a recipe to make each month, you could buy enough of the ingredients to make the recipe a dozen times over for the cost of the subscribers box.

I know all of these types of things cost more than doing it yourself but this seems particularly noticeable because they don't even include everything!

DustySpringboard Sun 29-Aug-21 07:46:37

Oh yes, definitely an expensive way to bake but great if someone isn't a confident baker or likely to have all the relevant ingredients.

It caught my eye in Costco so purchased-really easy to make, turned out perfectly, very delicious but yes, I had all the ingredients anyway so was a bit ££!

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