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weirdnamechange Tue 03-Aug-21 15:03:35

I really don't know what to do. I recently got married to a wonderful man and I have always wanted to take my partner's name (I am a feminist, it is a choice I want to make). Unfortunately my first name combined with his last name is the name of a very famous serial killer. Before we got married I said I would deal with that issue as it was important for us to have the same name (and I would like to be traditional and take his name), but now that it is time to change my name on bank cards etc I am getting cold feet. I can't wrap my head around introducing myself as this killer??!! My husband is upset as I am going back on our agreement..

What should I do? Could you change it knowing what that name means to most people?

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HummingBeeBox Tue 03-Aug-21 15:07:43

I would maybe double barrel instead

burritofan Tue 03-Aug-21 15:08:06

Nothing more traditional than serial killing!

Why do you want to change your name?

PegasusReturns Tue 03-Aug-21 15:08:11

I’d change it. Can you hyphenate your surnames?

Flaunch Tue 03-Aug-21 15:08:14

He could change names smile

BrozTito Tue 03-Aug-21 15:08:20

Call yourself Rosemary instead?

Babymeanswashing Tue 03-Aug-21 15:08:50

There is absolutely no way I would go through life as Rose West if I had a choice in the matter!


Babymeanswashing Tue 03-Aug-21 15:09:15


Call yourself Rosemary instead?

Don’t know if you’re trying to be funny but that is actually her name.

KnightandDay Tue 03-Aug-21 15:09:24

To be honest, I don't think I would change my name to a very famous serial killer, unless I lived in a different country where they were never heard of.

Formaldeheidi Tue 03-Aug-21 15:09:34

He could take your name. Problem solved.

ineedanewnameplease Tue 03-Aug-21 15:09:55

I wouldn't want to be Myra Hindley and I'm sure my husband wouldn't want that either. Can your husband take your name? Or can you pronounce it differently so instead of for example hindley you say highndlee?

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:02

Nope. I'd say no. And suggest if he is that bothered about us having the same name he can change.

Would he have separated with you if he knew in advance you wouldnt take his name?

Cocolapew Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:03

Id let him be upset rather than introduce myself as Myra Hindley/Harold Shipman/Ghengis Khan.

burritofan Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:36

I would maybe double barrel instead
Bundy-Shipman has a lovely ring to it.

LarsErickssong Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:39

Not the same but my name is very similar to someone that was killed in a terrorist attack and it drives me mad the amount of people that comment on it when I tell them my name

Formaldeheidi Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:42

I mean, it’s got to be Rose West hasn’t it.

BrozTito Tue 03-Aug-21 15:10:56

Well it was a pretty easy guess, nobody is called myra anymore

MrsPerfect12 Tue 03-Aug-21 15:11:01

If it's someone as prominent as rose west then I wouldn't change it. If it's someone long dead then I don't see the issue.

Aquamarine1029 Tue 03-Aug-21 15:11:47

Why is your husband upset?

muffindays Tue 03-Aug-21 15:11:51

He takes your name!! Easy.

Moonlaserbearwolf Tue 03-Aug-21 15:12:45

I think your new husband needs to be more understanding. I wouldn’t want the name of a famous serial killer. Ask him how he would feel if his name was Harold Shipman or Fred West.

BrozTito Tue 03-Aug-21 15:12:49

Could call yourself Mary?

Hiphopopotamus Tue 03-Aug-21 15:13:44

Sure you’re a feminist hmm you’d just rather change your name to that of a serial killer than look at any other option

MNybvcx54 Tue 03-Aug-21 15:13:51

If your husband really is upset that you might not be sharing the same surname after all, then I can think of no reason why he wouldn't take your surname.

grapewine Tue 03-Aug-21 15:14:17

Not a chance I would. The comments would annoy me too much.

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