Restaurant portion sizes are huge

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Paq Sat 31-Jul-21 22:05:44

Does anyone else find this? Went to a pub/restaurant last night and the portion sizes were insane. I managed a third of my salad, brought the rest home and shared it with DH for lunch today. DD got through half her curry and 6'1" hollow legged DH just about managed to finish his risotto but then felt overstuffed all night.

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InsideNumberNine Sat 31-Jul-21 22:07:57

A massive salad??? Only on Mumsnet...

FelicityBeedle Sat 31-Jul-21 22:09:42

Yeah they are but isn’t that the point. You’re paying for it to be a bit extravagant.
Looking forward to the competitive under eating posts

nocoolnamesleft Sat 31-Jul-21 22:13:24

Good lord, a salad only did you 3 meals? That should have lasted the entire family for at least a month. An entire year if eked out with a mumsnet chicken.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sat 31-Jul-21 22:15:17

I think there is an inverse relationship between the expensiveness of the restaurant and the size of the portion. The more you pay, the less is on the plate. I would be too scared to pay too much for a meal, in case it was just empty plates! grin

brightgreenapple Sat 31-Jul-21 22:15:36


CarnationCat Sat 31-Jul-21 22:19:32

I tend to have a much smaller appetite when I'm out. I'm not sure whethe it's just because I'm busy socialising. I am usually full after eating out. Would bring curry home but other meals I tend to finish.


StrawberryJamSandwiches Sat 31-Jul-21 22:20:35




Clymene Sat 31-Jul-21 22:23:34

Oh gosh yes! Yesterday my salad had THREE lettuce leaves and TWO cherry tomatoes. What were they thinking??! Thank goodness my rugby playing husband was there to help me out. There's no way I could have managed all that!

Sparklingbrook Sat 31-Jul-21 22:24:20

I wouldn’t be eating last night’s salad from a restaurant for lunch. I’d just leave it there I think.
Was the salad massive to make up for the rest of the meal being small? Salad is relatively cheap.

grasstreeleaf Sat 31-Jul-21 22:24:52

Yes, they are. And if you look at the calorie counts for pubs and restaurants you can clearly see a main meal portion is more than a lot of people should be eating - basically double a normal portion.

nc8765 Sat 31-Jul-21 22:26:13

Well, I'd be absolutely stuffed on 1/3 of a salad too OP!

I'd say 1/4 is just about right...


imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 22:26:51

I've never known a salad to be that big & fill me up so much

Deadringer Sat 31-Jul-21 22:27:20

A salad for one that provided 3 meals. What was it served on, a tractor wheel?

ResIpsaLoquiturInterAlia Sat 31-Jul-21 22:27:39

USA regular food portions or UK super size? You should go French for portion control!

imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 22:27:45


imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 22:28:12

I've often left salad but wouldn't have thought to get a doggy bag for it

MySecretHistory Sat 31-Jul-21 22:28:35


Well, I'd be absolutely stuffed on 1/3 of a salad too OP!

I'd say 1/4 is just about right...


I can only manage a 6th

idontlikealdi Sat 31-Jul-21 22:28:57

Depends where you eat. What was your salad? Pizza Express and co the salads can be more calorific than the pizza.

We went out tonight, I had a prosciutto starter, risotto and lemon tart. None of the portions were big.

Go to the bloody campsite I'm on then yes huge portions with chips with everything.

I'd love to know what was in your salad that could make that many meals!

vampirethriller Sat 31-Jul-21 22:29:19

Half a salad? Do people really eat like that? I looked at a banana on Tuesday and still feel full.

WildBurd Sat 31-Jul-21 22:29:29

Massive salad week on Mumsnet.

PickAChew Sat 31-Jul-21 22:30:21

I had a piece of cress for my dinner. Probably won't feel hungry again until Monday.

WildBurd Sat 31-Jul-21 22:30:36

The other day I ate a whole Camembert starter, then a ribeye with chips, then a sticky toffee pudding.

TheLovelinessOfDemons Sat 31-Jul-21 22:31:37

DS2 loves the fact that he gets a massive piece of fish. And he eats everything!

GivenchyDahhling Sat 31-Jul-21 22:32:19

Today’s gold medal in MN competitive under-eating goes to….

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