Camping is hell.

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Thisisnothappeningagain Thu 29-Jul-21 02:53:37

I havent enjoyed camping since i was a teen. Dp is well into it 'i just chuck a few things in the car and go!' -_- (i wont even get in to how much effort it was to acquire, sort and pack everything for a family and dogs) i finally bowed to pressure and here i am, a trek across a field away from the locked, extremely poorly ventilated, toilets and no idea where in this dark tent trying to take off the key is even though ive tried to keep it in the same zipped pocket. I must have had 5hrs sleep all week.

I HAVE TRIED to be positive, but im seriously struggling to see why this is fun, or relaxing.

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gonnabeok Thu 29-Jul-21 03:00:33

I'm with you OP, I've always hated it. If I were you I would have to say I was feeling poorly, wasn't it a shame and the best place to feel better would be my own bed, or in any case any bed( even a hotel bed) 😉🤣🤣🤣 needs must!

Topseyt Thu 29-Jul-21 03:04:30

I'm with you. Camping is shit. It is hard work and you even have to build your own accommodation when you arrive for your holiday.

I tried it with DH once. Hated it and haven't been since. I remember having to cook bacon and eggs in the pouring rain with DH trying to persuade me what fun it was. hmmconfused

I've always said since then that I would rather simply have no holiday at all than ever go camping again.

Thisisnothappeningagain Thu 29-Jul-21 03:08:31

I am so up for going home but i think DD is having fun at least (she woke me after i FINALLY got off to sleep for a quick chat about her dream, flapping the duvet around so i got chilled and then merrily WENT straight back off to sleep again despite the tornado.)

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adeleh Thu 29-Jul-21 03:10:44

I am 1000% on your side. Can’t you see if there’s a nice B and B nearby with a single room snd leave them to it. You can still spend the day with them.

Ivalueloyaltyaboveallelse Thu 29-Jul-21 03:15:05

I feel for you op, I personally don’t mind camping but you have to have the right equipment. I hate to be cold. I hope you brought high rise air beds and a thick duvets and pillows?

RainingZen Thu 29-Jul-21 03:26:51

I wouldn't camp for more than a few nights. Ugh so uncomfortable. I don't mind sleeping in basic accommodation but I need walls, and a warm place to take a pee.


QueenofLouisiana Thu 29-Jul-21 03:31:25

I tried to like it, but it’s not for me either. We now have a caravan, which has a loo, hot water and heating. We all enjoy that.

Silkiecats Thu 29-Jul-21 03:36:05

I agree with you. A few years back DS pestered for camping. Was quite surprised but booked a few nights glamping so at least had own toilet but shower was outside.

Got there and DS said now where is the socket for charging my ipad? grin He was not best pleased to discover there wasn't electricity, I had explained before but don't think he took it in. Then he went in the bathroom and came out screaming there is an insect in here I am never using this bathroom. Explained it was the only bathroom there was so he used it. Then the shower was outside and seemed like other people could see you which DD and I hated and meant we took swimming costumes to shower. By the end of the trip both kids said Mummy please never take us camping ever again. I was very happy to agree to that.

HerRoyalNotness Thu 29-Jul-21 03:45:22

The worst camping trip I went out with the D.C. was for three nights by a river. Lovely setting, fun in the river each day, meals were easy. Didn’t even mind DS2 lost his only shoes getting stuck in the mud and I broke my only pair in the same mud grin

At night, all we could hear was a barking dog (no dog allowed campground) late night music and partying and go top it off the people at the end of the campground would fire up their quad bikes every time they needed the loo. It must have been a 3min walk. So all night long, brrmmmmmmmm, bremmmmmmm. We were so tired the D.C. asked me to cut it short by a night, I happily obliged!

habibihabibi Thu 29-Jul-21 04:24:45

Get your DH and children to sign up for Scouting. Then they get to camp and you can be at home "helpfully" being the telephone contact for the parents.

MinnieMountain Thu 29-Jul-21 06:13:42

Ugh. You have my sympathy.

We tried it recently as DS wanted to. DS and I got too little sleep. Then I got dog poo in the tent, despite all dogs on the site being on leads (so you’d think the arsehole owner would have noticed their dog crapping).

The people next to us spent ages chatting at 11pm. But it was too much effort to get out of my sleeping bag to tell them to shut up.

DH is still a fan. He’s much better at sleeping though.

TillyTopper Thu 29-Jul-21 06:38:25

I hate it too - but I know both DS used to love it (late teens now). I used to do it just for them because apparently there is nothing quite so exciting as everyone sleeping together, cooking food on a fire and playing games in the tent. They key is to pick the right camp site though if you want any sort of reasonable time! Ocean Pitch at Croyde makes it bearable, or search "Best campsites ever" and you can find places that make is ok for you and brilliant for kids.

user1497787065 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:40:14

I have never camped and never intend to. Have no understanding of why anyone would.

Quirrelsotherface Thu 29-Jul-21 06:41:52

I put myself through it for a few days for my DC who love camping but honestly? It's like actual torture for me. I hardly sleep a wink while I'm there, hate feeling grubby cold and looking at complete strangers when I'm brushing my teeth. It's my idea of absolute hell.

beardeddragon174 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:46:16

Nope. Nope. I don't camp. When I was under 25 it was just about bearable but no way, never ever again. It often rains all the time, you can never get warm, and the trek to the toilet is always unpleasant. Hard pass.

BrozTito Thu 29-Jul-21 06:47:12

Dear god just go home. I love camping but wont do more than 2 nights.

BrozTito Thu 29-Jul-21 06:48:02

And kids enjoy it maybe even more just set up in a garden

Nobloat21 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:48:26

I have it and refuse to go. Dh and dc think I'm miserable and I'm not a fun mummy. I don't give a shit. It will be awful. I never sleep when camping so am just really really grumpy the whole time.

HarrisMcCoo Thu 29-Jul-21 06:48:36

DH is taking the DC camping soon. I am staying at home to cover childcare of the youngest child and dog. Good excuse not to go 😂

Datingandnoideahowto Thu 29-Jul-21 06:49:26

I hear you op. It’s my idea of hell.

Badfootkk Thu 29-Jul-21 06:51:20

Can I join your club? I hate hate hate it and will never ever do it again. For all the Above reasons. It is most definitely NOT a holiday, bloody rubbish!!

20viona Thu 29-Jul-21 06:52:38

I detest camping. Never again.

Buckleyourseatbelt Thu 29-Jul-21 06:56:08

Where I live it seems all the middle class mums and dad love camping (bell tents and bunting vibes), and they’re always aghast when I say I don’t want to go. I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep and the thought of hearing other people up late is seriously off putting. Don’t want to hear anyone once I’ve gone to bed.

Arsebucket Thu 29-Jul-21 07:00:58

I went once.

Never again, ever.

I’d rather spend a week sleeping at the feet of satan on the hot coals of hell. It would be more pleasurable than sleeping in a fucking rent.

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