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RedlightGreenlight Wed 28-Jul-21 21:57:23

Cot - I sold to a baby shop.
Pram- I gave to a family I was supporting through Home Start. The mum was really grateful but the next week it was outside full of rain water!
Highchair - gave to a friend who took the tray off and put it on the hot hob.
20 years later I still feel sad as I really loved them both and wanted someone else to love them equally.

What happened to yours?

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Lemonlemon88 Thu 29-Jul-21 09:58:21

Pram I'm keeping for sibling.

Sold cot of marketplace.

Highchair got chucked as didnt realise DP had put it outside and it got ruined sad

mogtheexcellent Thu 29-Jul-21 10:03:51

Cot bed - naice solid wood mamas and papas one so sold on ebay. Mattress was given away on freecycle.

Travel system - stored in loft for 2 years until local womens refuge requested it.

High chair - passed on to a friend only recently (DD is 7). Has been stored in loft for quite a while.

Knittingnanny Thu 29-Jul-21 10:59:16

@Babdoc oh no that’s so sad
I’ve got 2 overseas adult sons and families do attic gradually decreasing in volume of stuff! I had to buy a lot of new stuff for surprise third child in 1990 because something in the attic had attacked my precious needle cord pram and broderie anglais fringed canopy which was pride and joy.
“They won’t want to play with that old fashioned stuff” said grandad
Well, when my local grandchildren play here, the first thing out is the fisher price circus train ( second hand in 1982) followed by the fisher price ferry boat ( ditto) ,the Thomas the tank engine trains ( circa 1991) and the vintage ( second or third hand 1980’s) action men in their hand knitted jumpers and bobble hats!
Not returning anything to the attic after this last (?!) grandchild though, it’s either going home with them or to the charity shop.

Knittingnanny Thu 29-Jul-21 11:01:10

@ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba, yes I kept a big box of duplo and the grandchildren have loved playing with it.

PrimeraVez Thu 29-Jul-21 12:12:07

Cot - collected for recycling by a local charity
Pram - sold at a nearly new sale
High chair - left it outside our house and it got taken (this is normal in our community and a great way to get rid of unwanted objects!)

And then a month later found out I was pregnant with a very unexpected DC3…

Hm2020 Thu 29-Jul-21 12:45:55

Pram eBay was ££££ so nearly got money back
Expensive cradle thing again eBay got quite a bit back
Cot was breaking so bin
High chair I actually can’t remember confused


BertieBotts Thu 29-Jul-21 12:55:43

Cot was damaged as I had converted it to a three sided co sleeper one and then accidentally left the fourth side behind when I left my ex, so I put it in a skip as it wasn't any use to anyone who didn't have a bed exactly the same height as me.

Pram I gave to a friend to pass on when I moved country. She left it in her garage and it went mouldy! I didn't mind because I would probably have done the same and I didn't need it any more, but it was a bit of a shame I suppose. She hung onto my old sling and gave it back to me when DS2 was born!

I had a lightweight buggy too which I sold at a car boot for £10/15 or something - can't remember how much.

No idea what happened to the high chair. I honestly can't remember. Maybe I sold it at the car boot as well.

TwoZeroTwoZero Thu 29-Jul-21 12:58:24

I just gave them all to the charity shop along with their clothes etc. I wasn't emotionally attached to them and didn't spend much on them so wasn't really bothered about what happened to them.

RedlightGreenlight Fri 30-Jul-21 17:29:00

It's nice when they get used again by friends or family.
4 babies left hospital in the little coat I bought for dd to be brought home in smile

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FedUpAtHomeTroels Fri 30-Jul-21 18:00:22

Pushchair finally collapsed for exhaustion after numrous foster babies, so went to the dump. High chair was given to our pregnant social worker as we were giving up fostering it was one that came apart into a small table and chair. Cot was old and I felt it should be retired even though it still made safety standards to Dh pulled it apart and the metal all went in recycling and the rest in the skip.

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