DS and his holiday and refusing to bail him out

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Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:16:42

Ds is due to go on holiday in 13 days. He has only just realised in order to travel he needs to purchase a private PCR test.

I say only just realised I’ve been telling him for months to either move the holiday or make sure he has enough money for the test.

Two days ago he could have moved the holiday (TUI) free of charge.

The holiday was cheap, but now not cheap with the added PCRs on top.

Some of his mates are now making noise about losing their money if it can’t be changed, a couple of them are still going to go and take the PCR tests they have the funds.

We are not well off financially at all, however I could bail him out and pay for the PCR tests. Part of me thinks do this, the other part of me thinks. No I told him to bloody sort it and this is a shitty way to learn the hard way but he needs to grow up.

I’m not sure why they have left it so late, I can’t even wrap my head around that. I think lead booker just thought they would lose their deposits. The holiday needs to be paid, however they haven’t paid the final payment.

Can anyone advise? Can TUI move the holiday outside the 14 days? Should I bail him out? If they don’t pay for the holiday will they be liable for the cost still.

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AnneLovesGilbert Sat 24-Jul-21 23:19:49

How old is he?

He’s had fair warning and this has been all over the news for months. He needs to find the money himself.

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:20:24

Just turned 19.

That is my train of thought. Im so cross at him. But I hate seeing money thrown away.

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HollowTalk Sat 24-Jul-21 23:20:50

How old is he?

If he's 18+ I think I'd let him deal with it himself and if he needs the money, it should be a loan.

DragonMamma Sat 24-Jul-21 23:22:18

How old is your DS? TUI just cancelled mine with 8 days to go so there’s still a chance this could happen. It was easy to get a refund via Chromatics for tests though.

Has he factored in if the status changes from
Green to amber or amber to red then there could be significant additional costs for tests/isolation/new flights?

Rainbowqueeen Sat 24-Jul-21 23:22:48

Agree with @HollowTalk. Loan only.

Silkiecats Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:00

Need to look at terms and conditions but likely to be liable for whole lot.

I would pay for pcr if could afford it and he can't but would do it instead of birthday / Xmas present and tell him that.


Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:03

I don’t know what he has factored in. Honestly I know this is overly dramatic but sometimes I think I’ve done a shitty job.

He is either incredibly naive or stupid. Mean I know but it’s not like coronavirus hasn’t been on the bloody tv/internet/ blinking you tube for 18 months.

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Frazzled2207 Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:23

Yes loan only. Presumably he also needs to pay for tests to come back too?
How is he going to manage spending money if he doesn’t have enough for a pcr test?

Cocopogo Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:36

If he hasn’t even got the money for a test then I’d be worried about him being in a foreign country that broke in case anything happens. What’s the point of him and his mates going off they can’t even afford to go to a bar?

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:50

@Frazzled2207 exactly he can’t!

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NoSquirrels Sat 24-Jul-21 23:24:57

I’d lend it, with interest and a proper repayment schedule.

Yes, he needs to learn, but letting him unilaterally fail and let down a group isn’t the way. He’s so young, Covid happened- it’s hardly surprising they’re not seasoned travellers yet.

Lend it with interest. That’s enough of a real-work lesson- now it costs more because of delays.

DragonMamma Sat 24-Jul-21 23:25:27

Surely if he’s going away then less than £100 should be doable for him? Not that it’s a small amount but if he’s away for a week or so, it shouldn’t be something he can’t factor.

I’d be more worry about the tests arriving on time - flying on a Monday was difficult for us due to destinations, testing windows and availability of testing providers. A rapid fit to fly PCR test cost £120 with Nuffield as opposed to the £40 headline cost with Chromatics

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:26:15

I don’t think he has a clue how much things cost abroad etc. God knows I can’t afford to bail him out twice, once here, once there.

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NuffSaidSam Sat 24-Jul-21 23:27:01

I guess he doesn't have travel insurance either?

3luckystars Sat 24-Jul-21 23:27:22

He is 19, normal behaviour(I think anyway)

Could you loan him the money until after the holiday? Or give him an early birthday gift of it? They have had a rough 18 months.

How much is the test if you don't mind me asking.

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:27:43

He does have travel insurance. But I’m not sure cancelling because I can’t afford a COVID test is a thing confused

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Frazzled2207 Sat 24-Jul-21 23:28:08

Oh dear I think he’s learning a harsh lesson then. Is it his own money he’s forked out so far or has it basically come from you?
Don’t step in and bail him out unless it’s a loan and you are confident he can pay you back

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:28:18

The test guaranteed for being back in 24 hours is £129. That’s cheapest I’ve found locally.

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Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:28:48

That is the outgoing test then it’s the 2 day, 5 day 8 day one and not sure of those costs.

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PieceOfString Sat 24-Jul-21 23:28:53

I recall at that age it wasn't unusual (for me or my peers) that seeing a train coming down the tracks, even from a distance, didn't necessarily translate to taking timely evasive action (metaphorically speaking).
I think this is a great learning opportunity and part of growing up, and my intervention would depend very much on his attitude.
If he is blase and expectant of you extricating him from his own pickle, I'd likely let him learn the hard way.
If he was sheepish, realised he's been an idiot, asking in a humble not expectant way for help I'd likely pay to rescue him after a good chat about how he was going to repay the money to you afterwards. On the assumption he wouldn't take the piss

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:29:44

It’s his money he paid with the money for his 18th. Saved it for a holiday, I warned him and warned him. But he went ahead and booked anyway and now this.

I’ll call TUI in the morning and see if it can be moved.

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PuffinPeter Sat 24-Jul-21 23:30:44

Does he have good insurance and what does it cover? If he has to take a pcr test to return and it's positive, then what?

Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:30:50

He is not blasé now, very, very apologetic and sorry and I think he snuck off to shed a tear which is why my hardened resolve cracked a bit.

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Namechangedbecauseofthis Sat 24-Jul-21 23:31:36

The insurance covers COVID so that wouldn’t be an issue. I checked that. He has had covid but only one jab.

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