Southwold/Suffolk Coast Child Free ?

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RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 16:32:33

My sisters have an annual trip away with our mum. No partners or children. Staying in the UK this year and have managed to get a holidays home of Mum’s friend in Southwold, late August.

One sister is a teacher so we’ve been very limited in what we could get. Have all been there before with our families. Any ideas what to do as a group of adults?

We aren’t outdoorsy. No bike rides please grin but happy to do some walks.

Anywhere to eat you would recommend or local towns/attractions? Will have cars so happy to drive within 1hr ish.

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RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 16:35:53

Very poorly written. To clarify I will also be going on this trip, not just mum and sisters. Five of us in total.

Holiday home, I meant.

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GlencoraP Sat 24-Jul-21 16:36:34

Afternoon tea at the Swan in Southwold. Southwold itself is lovely for a mooch around as is Aldeburgh and Woodbridge. Framlingham Castle is nice and Orford. You could get to Norwich within the hour as well. What sort of recommendations are you looking for , there’s lots of good restaurants and pubs, big shopping centres not .

NCnotmyusualone Sat 24-Jul-21 16:39:26

Nice walk from southwold to walberswick. There’s a couple of nice pub restaurants there.

Bagelsandbrie Sat 24-Jul-21 16:40:51

Beccles is nice to wander around. Obviously Southwold itself is lovely.

If you fancy a trip further in try Framlingham as mentioned above- the castle is nice and lots of nice pubs for lunch etc.

If you can drive to Winterton the beach is beautiful and quiet. Southwold is likely to be packed with families in August. Not that that matters but you know!

bookgirl1982 Sat 24-Jul-21 16:42:59

Adnams used to do a gin tour and tasting.

Ickworth is a fabulous national trust house and has a hotel which does afternoon tea.

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 16:45:09

GlencoraP hard to find a way to describe us without sounding total twats!

I spend time in Norfolk quite often so am aware roughly of what we’re dealing with. But without being too twee, it’s a ‘girls’ trip, we aren’t looking for the Chippendales but normally we do European city break so quite busy exploring, often have an afternoon at a spa, quite relaxed but maybe an element of luxury and having a proper break without children. We like to treat our mum to something a bit ‘glam’ if that makes sense.

Afternoon tea sounds lovely. Will definitely book that.

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FrankiesKnuckle Sat 24-Jul-21 16:45:10

Snape maltings.

Embracelife Sat 24-Jul-21 16:45:42

Just back....



G and t s cafe and tearoom Nr Yoxford

Suffolk owl sanctuary the surrounds fairground a bit meh but the vultures talk and display is great and meerkats talk don't miss
Saxmundham small olde town
Rspb minsmere gentle walk trails cafe sit in the hides and birdwatch
Queens head at bramfield nice food
Two magpies bakery and cafe on the a12

Embracelife Sat 24-Jul-21 16:46:40

Potton hall spa looks nice grounds outdoor pool
yurt bistro was decent

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 16:46:57

Yes to gin tasting!

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ShadowsInTheDarkness Sat 24-Jul-21 16:48:17

Blythburgh river is lovely. Walberswick nature reserve is on the estuary and really gorgeous. Can stop at the pub on the way past - it's the one at Blythburgh. Snape Maltings is lovely for a mooch around, lots of gorgeous child unfriendly homewares in a lovely setting. Thorpeness also nice as are the Orfords.
Framlingham is lovely to walk around, and there's a footpath that takes in the castle grounds. Lovely little shops in the town. Eye is also lovely for a potter round.
Dunwich is a great place for a day. Good food at the pub, gorgeous beach with free parking and the Heath and forest too.
If staying in Southwold head to the beach up the other end from the pier, up by the coast guard hut. It's much nicer and usually quieter.
Not far from Southwold there's little villages like Peasenhall and Yoxford that are quite nice to potter round- tea rooms and a few little shops.

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 16:51:33

Aldeburgh, Beccles, Framlingham, Woodbridge all noted.

I’d forgotten about Snape Maltings, will definitely have a mooch there.

Two Magpies seems to do a Bake School which looks promising if pricey!

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Wotrewelookinat Sat 24-Jul-21 16:54:13

Close to where I live..
Snape Maltings definitively, may be able to get tickets for a concert, art gallery, walk along the river.
Woodbridge is nice for a wander, some independent shops, Tide Mill, museum, art gallery, river walk, plenty of eating places.
Sutton Hoo
Can recommend the Maybush pub at Waldringfield though gets v booked up. Gorgeous location.
Seckford spa hotel.
Ufford park hotel also has a spa I think.
Are you into wildlife? Suffolk wildlife trust has sights near southwold. Or RSPB Minsmere

GlencoraP Sat 24-Jul-21 17:03:23

Unruly Pig near Sutton Hoo and lovely if you can get in , also The retreat spa in Southwold gets good reviews . Aldeburgh books is a lovely bookshop if you like books

justaweeone Sat 24-Jul-21 17:12:32

What about a boat?

Vineyard visit

justaweeone Sat 24-Jul-21 17:14:28

Also you could pop to Norwich for the day

justaweeone Sat 24-Jul-21 17:20:14

Oh abs visit the Assembly rooms for afternoon tea if you go to Norwich
There's also a spa at St Giles House

Plus there is a Space NK opposite Jarrolds

newnortherner111 Sat 24-Jul-21 17:21:08

You should include the Walberswick Ferry as part of your trip to Walberswick. It's not a cross-channel one!

Blythburgh church is worth a visit.

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 17:21:24

@Wotrewelookinat one of us very into wildlife and the others happy to go along.

We’re there for 5 days so lots of time to fill and meals to have too.

Busy looking through all these pubs.

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KeflavikAirport Sat 24-Jul-21 17:25:41

Iken is alovely walk, properly off the beaten track and you can go canoeing. Boating in Beccles. I like the strike school in Burston but there's not much else there.

Paranoidandroidmarvin Sat 24-Jul-21 17:27:51

I live near there. Actually just back from aldeburgh. And it is busy. And there isn’t much parking. But. Aldebugh has some lovely shops. Then walk down to thorpness and go to the kitchen which is a wonderful cafe and has a lake across the road. Lovely place. Be aware they stop serving food at 3pm so just cakes etc after.

Then go to Snape maltings which is a ten min drive away. Which has lots of little shops and cafes and a nice walk.

Southwold itself is lovely. Walk down the pier and wait for the clock to strike. The ice cream shop has lots of lovely flavours.
For the kids. Have a drive to Rendlesham forest. Lots of kids equipment scattered around and u can do the ufo trail walk.

Norwich for a shopping day out. ( don’t go to Ipswich there is nothing there )

Woodbridge has a lovely river to walk down. Lots of house boats and cafes and a lovely park area. Lots of good little independent shops to go to.

Easton farm is a good day out too.

KeflavikAirport Sat 24-Jul-21 17:28:34

Garnets Gardens is a nice indie garden centre and tea rooms and Chapel Books in Westleton is a fabulous second hand book shop.

GlencoraP Sat 24-Jul-21 17:32:35

Also the Walled Garden and Helmingham Hall , or Somerleyton

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 17:55:12

Thanks all for lovely suggestions. Actually looking forward to this now.

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