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greacarrot Sat 24-Jul-21 14:51:41

I have a lot going on at the moment and need suggestions of series I can watch to get out of my mind for a while...
Have seen the obvious friends/new girl type.
Have Netflix, prime, Disney plus+ iplayer etc...

Thank you daffodil

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greacarrot Sat 24-Jul-21 15:31:00


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highlandcoo Sat 24-Jul-21 15:38:06

Schitts Creek on Netflix is a great escape. The first two episodes feel a bit clichéd, after that it's great!

mumsiedarlingrevolta Sat 24-Jul-21 15:38:50

Oh I love The Durrells. Great escapism. Lovely lovely show!!

Palavah Sat 24-Jul-21 15:39:49

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Friday Night Dinner
Marvellous Mrs Maisel

I always like crime drama for escapism, or period drama

Carolenarua Sat 24-Jul-21 16:04:31

Never have I ever
Both on Netflix and funny and light hearted

GetTaeFuck Sat 24-Jul-21 16:06:31

Schitts Creek is amazing, I’m about halfway through.

Superstore is another brilliant one.


ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 24-Jul-21 16:06:51

The Detectorists (BBC) is surprisingly wonderful

Bobbybobbins Sat 24-Jul-21 16:07:06

I love Taskmaster for a good laugh

CHISistoast Sat 24-Jul-21 16:09:31

I LOVE Schitts Creek, it's easy watching and a little formulaic but very dry and humorous.

GetTaeFuck Sat 24-Jul-21 16:20:02

Malcolm in the Middle is on Channel 4s streaming service, it remains a favourite of mine grin

NoHunGosh Sat 24-Jul-21 16:53:07

Clarkson's Farm on Prime. Lovely comfort watching.

AddsVsGeorgs Sat 24-Jul-21 16:54:55

Clarksons farm is good.

Dont normally like him, but this is easy watching and funny too

AddsVsGeorgs Sat 24-Jul-21 16:55:49

Grace and Frankie - Netflix

Its a very long series, but easy watching

fallfallfall Sat 24-Jul-21 16:56:52

Ted Lasso

AddsVsGeorgs Sat 24-Jul-21 16:58:37

Sweet Magnolias - Netflix
Its good but leaves you on a cliff hanger, and they havent got round to filming the next series yet

TrampolineForMrKite Sat 24-Jul-21 16:59:16

Another vote for The Detectorists.

The US Office is on Netflix and great. It’s nine long seasons too so there’s lots of it.

WhiskeyNeverStartsToTasteNice Sat 24-Jul-21 17:01:47

I agree with lots mentioned on this thread. Also Derry Girls and the Good Place if you haven't seen them.

ButterflyOfFreedom Sat 24-Jul-21 17:05:29


Skybluepinkgiraffe Sat 24-Jul-21 17:07:32

Modern Family on Netflix is good.

LizzieMacQueen Sat 24-Jul-21 17:07:33

Modern Family
Schitt's Creek
Kim's convenience

Clarkson's Farm

That's pretty much the tv watch list I share with DH.

NeedNewKnees Sat 24-Jul-21 17:07:56

The Durrells is an absolutely glorious. The Crown was fun. How about the new All Creatures Great And Small on Channel 5?

Also endorse The Marvellous Mrs Maisel as a fabulous show. Watch it once for the comedy and a second time for the clothes!

Arsebucket Sat 24-Jul-21 17:09:17

The US office.

Jennifer11 Sat 24-Jul-21 17:10:28

Parks and Recreation, Superstore, Schitts Creek, Community - all on Netflix. Gilmore Girls recommended by my daughter as a "nice" watch too.

NavaniKholinRocks Sat 24-Jul-21 17:12:09

The Good Witch
Chesapeake Shores
Death in Paradise
Fate: the Winx Saga

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