Top 3 places to visit

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Casiloco Sat 24-Jul-21 14:36:15

Following on from the "what places would you never visit again?" thread ...

You have been told you will only be allowed to travel - for leisure - to 3 places outside the U.K. During the whole of the rest of your lifetime and you have to choose those 3 places NOW.

I'll start!

Serrania de Ronda - Andalucia (home from home, wonderful scenery, lovely wine, food, climate)
Venice - amazing place
Seville - my favourite city in the whole world. So elegant and beautiful.

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bluechameleon Sat 24-Jul-21 15:08:04

Good question! Definitely New York, I have been many times and will never get bored. I also love Paris and Florence but if I can only go to 3 places I don't want only cities, so I will pick Paris because it is more conveniently located, my French is much better than my Italian and I love patisserie. Maybe the Swiss Alps for my third? Nice and varied, you get good walks, boat trips, pretty villages and cable cars (I love a good cable car). And chocolate.

Casiloco Sat 24-Jul-21 17:33:53

Good choices bluechameleon

I loved New York and would be sad not to be able to go again but the thought of never seeing Venice again ... well ...

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luckylavender Sat 24-Jul-21 17:50:36

So difficult to pick 3, but Paris, New York, Bangkok.

ComtesseDeSpair Sat 24-Jul-21 17:52:46


marmaladehound Sat 24-Jul-21 17:54:37

Patagonia.... never been but if only had 3 to go to this is certainly one.

Alaska just magical

New York. Loved my one ever trip there.

Lemonmelonsun Sat 24-Jul-21 17:55:44

Op I've been to Venice twice and unfortunately had to cancel trip taking dc twice now.
Hoping to go later this year. Its sublime, what an amazing place 😍❤️.

I've never been to seville it's on my wish list when I can get cheap flights there!

For my cities, marrakech, Venice, Paris.
Contenders were Florence /sienna /salzburg /


freelions Sat 24-Jul-21 17:58:41

French Alps

Canada (Rockies, British Columbia)


But there are lots of other places I love too (and plenty I've never been to but would love to visit!)

TangledTrees Sat 24-Jul-21 17:59:46

Singapore, Omani coast, Rocky Mountains

AdaColeman Sat 24-Jul-21 18:05:04

Belgian Ardennes

DinosaurDiana Sat 24-Jul-21 18:08:20


fraddu Sat 24-Jul-21 18:18:06

I wonder how many posters will stick to 3 answers instead of listing all the places they just love so much! 😆

1) Languedoc-Roussillon - family there & love it.
2) Bora Bora - just beautiful
3) Miami - never been but want to go

Casiloco Sun 25-Jul-21 00:00:00

Some really interesting ones. I wanted to go for one city, one beautiful
Region and one island - well Venice is kind of an island.
At least that way there would be some variety!

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AluckyEllie Sun 25-Jul-21 00:04:07

Slovenia- lovely mountains, lakes, pretty capital. Very green and pretty, not too crowded. Friendly people.
Asia for amazing beaches- I’ll say Bali as I’ve never been.
Japan- never been but it looks fascinating. Completely different culture.

AluckyEllie Sun 25-Jul-21 00:06:30

Oops realised I did countries rather than narrow it down-
Tokyo for my city.
Lake bohinj for countryside.
Semi yak beach in Bali for my beach hit.

Casiloco Sun 25-Jul-21 13:31:29

Everyone is being really disciplined - itching to mention 3 more which would be on the list if my top choices were unavailable for any reason - but won't set a bad example!

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Casiloco Sun 25-Jul-21 13:35:12


Curious on the Belgian Ardennes - maybe I have missed out! Have passed through and found it a bit monoculture - you have obviously found some treasures there. Do tell ...

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Casiloco Sun 25-Jul-21 13:37:15


I've always been fascinated by what I have seen on telly of Oman - would love to know more.

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igelkott2021 Sun 25-Jul-21 14:54:37

Hamburg, Copenhagen, Jersey

HeronLanyon Sun 25-Jul-21 15:07:37

1. Seville - see you there op.
2. The Maldives/Andamans
3. Chennai and surrounds (down to Mahabalipuram area).

islamann Sun 25-Jul-21 17:41:47

1) New York
2) St Lucia
3) County Galway

mummyh2016 Sun 25-Jul-21 18:18:56

Another vote for Seville.

New York.

And to be honest I can't think of anywhere else I've been I would rush back to.

Jerseygirl12 Sun 25-Jul-21 19:00:26

Cape Town (my fave place in the world)
Thailand, I’ve never been but would love to go.
Australia, haven’t been but would like to go.

RusholmeRuffian Sun 25-Jul-21 19:57:12


cherrypiepie Sun 25-Jul-21 20:08:49

New York

I've been to Ibiza (to the non clubbing part) once three years ago and for some reason I'm yearning to go back this year. I just felt at peace there. I understand why it is the white isle but couldn't explain it.

I did 40 hours in New York and got married there! I loved it so much.

London just breathes life in to my northern parochial soul.

Just walking and looking and eating and stopping occasionally.

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