Good morning Mumsnet! What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam Sat 24-Jul-21 10:11:20

I'm just having a cup of coffee while dd2's having breakfast. When she's finished, I'll nip up and get dressed.

Only one load of washing to do today & that's almost finished so can go on the line when I come down.

We need to clean dd2's praying mantis' enclosure today - he runs faster than The Flash, when he comes out, so I'm hoping he'll take a fly from one of us & be busy with that while she cleans the enclosure grin

I think we'll all wander to Lidl as well for a couple of pizzas and some chips/french fries for tea, and something for Sunday dinner. Might pick up a bottle of wine too.

Other than that, I want to finish the second sleeve of the wrap cardi I'm crocheting for myself. I expect the girls will Minecraft the afternoon away & I'm going to sit down with dd1 to look at revision techniques. Her grades are really good anyway so I think a little bit of revision will help keep them that way.

What's everyone else up to? Anything exciting now it's cooled down? smile

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TowelStripes Sat 24-Jul-21 10:16:43

I am recently split with my husband and he has the kids this weekend for the first time. I have just been to the gym, had a shower, getting my nails done, going to start a new puzzle 🙈 I feel free!

PurpleDaisies Sat 24-Jul-21 10:17:26

Watching the Olympics.

That’s it!

Daddio69 Sat 24-Jul-21 10:18:48

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GetTaeFuck Sat 24-Jul-21 10:24:25

DD1 (13) is cleaning the kitchen, then going to the park to meet friends.

DD2 (10) is playing Minecraft.

DD3 (5) is colouring.

I’m drinking tea and watching Schitts Creek, will be spending the afternoon finishing a piece of coursework for Uni that I had to defer due to having Covid in January. And sorting laundry.

aurynne Sat 24-Jul-21 10:33:56

I'm in New Zealand, it's 9:30 pm here, getting ready to start a night shift, I work as a midwife smile

Champagneforeveryone Sat 24-Jul-21 10:34:49

I'm MNing in bed after a wonderful sleep following a run of nights.

It thundered in the night and DDog1 was terrified so DH sat with him for a bit. He has now declared himself to be "exhausted", so that will be fun for us all. Currently he's drinking coffee and sighing tragically.

DS is still in bed but WhatsApped me last night asking to meet friends in town. Unfortunately he's under a mandatory isolation and risks a £5000 fine if he goes. He won't go as he needs a lift, (as well as knowing that morally he shouldn't) but I suspect today will not be filled with joy and laughter.


onelostsoulswimminginafishbowl Sat 24-Jul-21 10:37:12

Also in NZ and we are having a mini break in Queenstown! We have been out for drinks and a Japanese feast. Dp is snoring beside me whilst I finish of a bottle of wine in our eco hotel that we are staying in. Has been a glorious (though freezing) day with blue skies and snow capped mountains. Set to rain tomorrow though!

Sparklingbrook Sat 24-Jul-21 10:39:01

I am off to a little café in town to drink ☕️ and have a catch up with some friends.
It’s raining and a lot cooler which is quite exciting after the 30 degrees we’ve been having.

Nuggetnugget Sat 24-Jul-21 10:41:50

I'm just taking advantage of dh brining dcs out and cooler weather. Cooked a big batch of mince and have tortillas to try the taco shape with upside down bun tin grin
I have to iron (only 3 shirts)
Hoover and wash floors. Bleach toilets and make beds. 30 mins will do all. House v tidy.
Have nail appointment later. Need a shower and dc have playdate late afternoon. So busy enough

KittenKong Sat 24-Jul-21 10:43:02

Having another coffee. Going to plant out my tomatoes later on. Looks like rain...

HaveANiceFuckingDay Sat 24-Jul-21 10:45:04

Absolutely nothing . I’ve had a week off work that hasn’t been a week off at all so I’m reserving these next 2 days, drinking wine in bed and watching tv
Better call Saul is high on my watch list . I’m on season 3 , I might binge watch the rest of the seasons , only getting out of bed for a soak in the tub

loveliesbleeding1 Sat 24-Jul-21 10:47:20

Walked the dog,happier since it’s much cooler,home now to do a few bits of housework then maybe a film this afternoon on the sofa as DH is off today.Hope you all have a lovely day.

AlaskaThunderfuckHiiiiiiiii Sat 24-Jul-21 10:50:08

I am having my first afternoon/night out with my friends since 2019! Tea and drinks, new club opened up as well playing 90s/00s I will be cutting a rug grin

Acquitaine Sat 24-Jul-21 10:52:20

Standing in a field watching my dog tear around after a ball, made possible by the temperature finally dropping. We are both grateful grin

Rockbird Sat 24-Jul-21 10:52:28

Finally broke up yesterday, last few weeks have been manic at work so today I am staying in bed, with copious cups of tea from DH and reading a book for the first time in ages. Tomorrow I will reactivate Mum Mode for the rest of the holidays but just today is mine.
Kids are probably on Roblox or whatever and DH is on tea duty!

KittenKong Sat 24-Jul-21 11:08:01

Not debating birthday presents for DS... kids eh?

AdoptedBumpkin Sat 24-Jul-21 11:22:36

At the moment, stuck inside awaiting a predicted storm, which I would welcome after sweating for a week.

Bedofwool Sat 24-Jul-21 11:33:49

Currently sitting in A&E waiting for an x-ray. Slipped and fell onto my back. Searing pain and weirdly stomach pain as well, like I need to fart (which I might have to 😁) I have a history of spine fractures so really need that x-ray. At least the pain relief has kicked in a bit!

KittenKong Sat 24-Jul-21 11:34:40

Oh ow. Hope you get seen quickly.

lucysmam Sat 24-Jul-21 12:45:53

Ooh, ouch! I hope you're seen quickly @Bedofwool!

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Theoldwoman Sat 24-Jul-21 12:51:18

It's nearly 8pm here, we have been watching the Olympics most of the day. Well apart from a 3 hour nap! I cleaned out the fridge and not much else. Raining all day.

User5827372728 Sat 24-Jul-21 12:53:34

We’ve been swimming this morning, chilling now and may pop to the beach later

PurpleFadesToGreen Sat 24-Jul-21 12:59:28

Absolutely sod all!

DH has covid, so we are all isolating.

Car broke too, but can't do much about that yet.

Might go look at said broken car before it rains, dunno.
I am bored though.

SimonJT Sat 24-Jul-21 13:11:24

Trying not to die, we had a night out last night and I’m extremely hungover. I have to take my son to a birthday party in a bit, that might finish me off to be honest.

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