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Itstheprinciple Thu 22-Jul-21 18:26:39

You'd need to hear the tone really. And then she spends 20 minutes telling us places we could go.

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HaggisTheGreat Thu 22-Jul-21 18:20:52

Are you sure she isn’t just making conversation? “Have you got any trips/holidays/days out planned” is probably the most standard small talk after the weather and the housing market.

Itstheprinciple Thu 22-Jul-21 18:15:01

DH and I (thankfully) have a similar opinion on holidays/days out. We don't go anywhere with fewer facilities than our own home. We like to eat out. We like it to be a bit of a treat. We will happily pay (up to a point) to go in to places. Hence, because of the extra costs involved, we don't go regularly.

MIL likes to go lots of places on a budget. She's happy to self cater. When she gets there, she begrudges paying entry fees etc so often says that there isn't much to do and she was bored.

That's fine, each to their own. Except she keeps asking us if we've booked anything, if we've got anything planned etc and generally making me feel inadequate that we haven't (well we have, but not as much as she'd like!)

I know there's no right or wrong but I'm just fed up of being made to feel guilty for making the choices we want to make, as though we are denying DD (who would frankly rather be out with her friends anyway!)

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