Help me find the smell!

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Nousernameforme Fri 23-Jul-21 19:54:17

Another vote for ask the neighbour.

justaweeone Fri 23-Jul-21 19:46:41

Go and ask the neighbour as it might be something in their garage

TheWeeDonkeys Fri 23-Jul-21 17:54:52

Its in the living room mostly, I opened the door this morning and got a good whiff, so think its coming from there.

Its link detached, next doors garage is next to the living room.
No small kids, just 2 adults and a dog. None of us chew gum.

The dog does have a habit of hiding her dental sticks behind the sofa, im off to inspect in case ones decided to melt in the heat grin

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Nousernameforme Fri 23-Jul-21 17:43:03

Is your house close detached? Do you have small children? Is it an old or new build? Has someone tracked in chewing gum on their shoes and it's been stuck somewhere?

ahoyshipmates Fri 23-Jul-21 17:35:10

Is it strongest in one particular spot, or all-pervading?

TheWeeDonkeys Thu 22-Jul-21 19:40:45


Do you have a fireplace or any air bricks?

We have a gas fire, I've sniffed it, its not coming from there. We don't have any air bricks.

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ahoyshipmates Thu 22-Jul-21 15:22:11

Do you have a fireplace or any air bricks?


TheWeeDonkeys Thu 22-Jul-21 15:12:43

Last Friday we arrived back from holiday to the house smelling really strongly of peppermint, but just the hall & living room.

I've looked everywhere, I've sniffed everything (inc walls & floors) and i have no idea why it smells. It comes and goes in waves, but always there lingering.

I threw away anything that could go mouldy/emptied bins/chucked the dishwasher on before we went. No sign of damp.

Help me before I go insane!

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