Rice pudding..

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Pebbledashery Wed 21-Jul-21 20:57:44

I'm obsessed with rice pudding at the moment.. Anyone else like it? 😋

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RightOnTheEdge Wed 21-Jul-21 21:02:24

I love it! I put a whole carton a spoonful of extra thick double cream in mine.
I keep meaning to make some in the slow cooker and not getting round to it. I want some now!

Zarene Wed 21-Jul-21 21:06:57

Bloody love it. You need Pakistani kheer as the real deal though, and it's lovely cold in this weather.

Wombat64 Wed 21-Jul-21 21:07:59

Love it. Simon Hopkinson's recipe with less sugar.

Waitwhat23 Wed 21-Jul-21 21:12:50

I use the River Cottage Family Cookbook receipe and serve with a big dod of homemade blackcurrant jam.

PrettyBlunt Wed 21-Jul-21 21:19:00

No bloody hate it. Looks like vomit. The vomit that's thick with what you last ate grin.

PamTheSpam Wed 21-Jul-21 21:25:10



30degreesandmeltinghere Wed 21-Jul-21 21:26:03

My dh is The Rice Pudding King here!!

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 21-Jul-21 21:27:23

It looks like maggots swimming in cum and tastes worse.
Its my horror food, and I eat tinned pies.

SherlocksDeerstalker Wed 21-Jul-21 21:27:43

My kids LOVE it. But only my home made rice pudding. None of your Ambrosia nonsense. Smug mum alert.

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 21-Jul-21 21:28:28

I love it. I’m alone on that in this house so it’s always all mine.

Mum2jenny Wed 21-Jul-21 21:29:48

No, absolutely loathe it, especially the smell of it. Don’t think I could eat it if my life depended on it.

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 21-Jul-21 21:30:02


Bloody love it. You need Pakistani kheer as the real deal though, and it's lovely cold in this weather.

Just looked this up. Holy hell it looks amazing. Cardamom is one of the greatest of spices. Will give it a go, thank you!

enjoyingscience Wed 21-Jul-21 21:30:24

Love it. Just rediscovered home made and I’m very into it. Maybe not this week though - but hot for it.

The skin on top is the best bit.

Crankley Wed 21-Jul-21 21:31:48

It's a tad warm at the moment but I love it, especially with a yummy nutmeg crust and a big dollop of jam.

blairresignationjam Wed 21-Jul-21 21:36:51

It's one of the best things in life

Fangdango Wed 21-Jul-21 21:41:24

Love it. Cheap tinned, posh fancy, anything. Except when Ambrosia used to put currants in it envy

Germans do a wonderful version with stewed cherries and cinnamon. I once acquired a stalker over there and couldn't do the sensible thing and change my routine because I had to have it for breakfast at a particular cafe ...

Pebbledashery Wed 21-Jul-21 21:42:51

I've discovered a really delicious one called Rachel's rice pudding. It's just beautiful.

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LooksGood Wed 21-Jul-21 21:42:57

Never too hot. In hot weather, make it with coconut milk and eat it cold. With tinned mango if you like ...

Pebbledashery Wed 21-Jul-21 21:43:49

It's absolutely does not look like maggots 😂😂

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TheSunShinesBrighter Wed 21-Jul-21 21:44:14

Rice pudding and tinned prunes! ❤️

1970s School dinner favourite.

Pebbledashery Wed 21-Jul-21 21:44:40

Good old tinned ambrosia does the job too. Absolutely love it. I'm eating it every few nights at the moment.

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TheSunShinesBrighter Wed 21-Jul-21 21:45:24

I buy the individual pots from Aldi. Lovely!

TheSunShinesBrighter Wed 21-Jul-21 21:46:48



user1471538283 Thu 22-Jul-21 17:21:54

I make my DFs version which is oven baked and solid!

I don't like the tinned or runny stuff.

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