Going on holiday in the morning - expecting a disaster - why am I like this? Are you like this?

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BigStinger Wed 14-Jul-21 20:03:58

So holiday has been booked for ages. Tickets for things booked, mostly not refundable.

For the last week I've been expecting something to happen to ruin it. Mainly covid!

Kids finished up school, so we're clear there, have tried to keep away from as many people/places as we can. So far so good.

Lots of people we know have come down with covid but we've not been near them. Yet I'm still expecting something to happen and we won't get away. I was ironing a while ago and sneezed and thought 'that's it' one of the dcs literally coughed one time and I was on high alert!

I've not been overly bothered the whole way through, pretty much if the mindset of we'll try our best to avoid it, not crazy measures but if we get it we get it. The last 10 days I've become insane. I've done numerous lat flows, imagining symptoms. I didn't used to be like this!

Is anyone else like this? Hoping I go back to the usual me once we set off tomorrow!!

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Wed 14-Jul-21 20:07:31

Yep. Also, every single time I come back from a holiday, I fully expect to see the door kicked in or the house a smouldering ruin. I realise that may not be a helpful thing to say...

DuckonaBike Wed 14-Jul-21 20:12:33

Yes, I am like this every time I go on holiday. I get really stressed imagining all the things that could go wrong and stop us from going. I was like this before COVID, but obviously I now have a wider choice of things to worry about.

I’m nearly 50 and none of the things has ever happened, if that helps at all.

BigStinger Wed 14-Jul-21 20:17:19

I am trying to put things in perspective, chances are we will all be fine tomorrow and will drive off quite happily!

I think over the last 18 months I've just started to expect things to go badly/disappointment. I need to snap out of it!!

Luckily we have a pet sitter in so less chance of coming back to disaster! grin

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AnnPerkins Wed 14-Jul-21 20:26:58

I felt like that when I took DS to the cinema last week. God knows what I’ll be like when we go on holiday in August.

We’ve been living through strange times, it’s bound to have affected us in ways we might not have realised yet.

ScarlettDarling Wed 14-Jul-21 20:28:37

Yep, I spoil every single holiday by panicking that we’re going to be ill. Of course I’m even worse than usual now Covid is around even though we’re staying in the Uk and can drive home in 2 hours. I’m also sad that now my dc are getting bigger (17 and 14) we don’t have many more years of family holidays and we’ve missed so many trips because of the pandemic! So the pressure is on for this one.

So yes,I feel your pain!!

BigStinger Wed 14-Jul-21 20:35:50

Thanks, it's nice to know I'm not alone, but sorry you all feel the same.

We are also just holidaying in the uk, so if we do get symptoms or whatever we can be home in a few hours. Not the end of the world. I need to keep that in mind and pull myself together!!

I think it's just in the last month I've known more people with covid than I have at any other point throughout the whole pandemic. But also agree that living in these strange time creates all these weird feelings and worries

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BajanB Wed 14-Jul-21 20:37:07

Since covid definitely. Normally now. First time since lockdown I’m going on a long train journey and I feel really anxious about catching covid despite being fully vaxxed, wearing a mask, taking antiseptic wipes for any toilet visits, travelling out of rush hour etc. I feel antsy and have just had a big shot of rum. I’m not an anxious person at all. So if I’m like this I really feel for you OP if you usually expect some disaster to befall you when you go away. I hope everything will be fine, you all stay well and have a lovely time.

Blessex Wed 14-Jul-21 20:37:16

Nooooo. Enjoy it. Will all be amazing daffodil

BajanB Wed 14-Jul-21 20:37:49

That was supposed to say normally I’m not (as in worried before I go away).

Orangesandlemons77 Wed 14-Jul-21 20:56:07

I'm feeling more stressed recently, school was closed last week, now it is open but only 6 in DCs class. Just feel like anytime will get a call telling us to isolate. Hope your holiday goes smoothly OP.

BigStinger Wed 14-Jul-21 21:02:41

Thank you everyone.

I'm not normally like this at all, it's strange.

Ok so cases are packed. Car snacks are made. I've had a talk with myself and rationally we are all fine. There are 2 adults able to drive home, it's unlikely we'll both be totally incapacitated, at worst it'll be a rubbish journey home - 5 hours out of my life. That is the worst that will happen. I can deal with that!!

I've poured a drink and opened chocolate and going to try to get into holiday mode.

Thank you thanks

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Standrewsschool Wed 14-Jul-21 21:04:32

Yes, I feel nervous as well. Sometimes I can almost talk myself out of something I’ve really been looking forward to.

Blessex Wed 14-Jul-21 21:04:40

Omg I am usually packing all our bags at 5 am hungover. You are SORTED. Have a lovely break flowers

Blessex Wed 14-Jul-21 21:05:45

Ps and that is to go abroad ? Are you staying in U.K.? Then you are totally SORTED

BigStinger Wed 14-Jul-21 21:55:37

Thanks, you are right I am sorted.

I have started to get a grip I think. I'm reasonably well travelled, I've been on hundreds of holidays/breaks. I'm going a few hours along the road. Easy!!

I'll pour another drink!!!

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TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Wed 14-Jul-21 22:03:49

I feel exactly the same. We are going on Saturday - UK break - and I just can’t get excited about it at all. The news is still full of Covid doom and gloom - it’s just relentless, all the time - and I just have this grim determination that we’ll endure the holiday rather than actually anticipating any enjoyment. And yet last summer I didn’t feel like this at all about our little breaks and that was in the midst of it all!

I’m not quite sure why it feels worse now.

CatsForLife Wed 14-Jul-21 22:09:13

Glad it’s not just me that’s like this! I get so stressed about something going wrong that it takes me ages to wind down when we do get away. It’s all so complicated now and high stakes like PP said as holidays been off the cards. Enjoy your break. I’ve still got the worry of the kids having to isolate before mine as they don’t finish school until next week. Have a gin for me!

TigerDroveAgain Wed 14-Jul-21 22:10:08

Oh I feel your pain! We’re going away next week and so far I have cancelled a hair appointment (our local town is a Covid hotspot sad), cancelled two lovely dinners out, refused to go and get some important papers from my office in town and made DS who is spending too much time in said hotspot and not coming on hols with us move somewhere else temporarily. I feel I may be overreacting but I’m buggered if I’m going to miss out on this break!

Echobelly Wed 14-Jul-21 22:13:07

I sympathise - it wasn't a holiday, but in the weeks leading up to my daughter's bat mitzvah a few weeks ago I was just a mess of anxiety worrying that COVID would sink the whole thing, which we'd postponed from the year before, but we did get there. I feel even more for anyone with a big life event planned in the next 8 weeks, though a holiday isn't as big a deal compared to that. As long as we go the BM I don't mind so much if our (short, UK-based) holiday gets torpedoed, though I would be sad if DD misses summer residential camp she was looking forward to before then.

Enjoy your break OP!

prediction500 Wed 14-Jul-21 22:55:38

I'm a little like this and worry about illness.

We were due to go on a much looked forward to break this week and we have had to cancel due to being a close Covid contactangry

I suppose we could have gone anyway but I can't live with the worry of potentially infecting others

Champagneforeveryone Wed 14-Jul-21 23:00:24

I didn't used to be, and was always madly excited about holidays etc.

We leave 3 weeks on Friday and I've just realised I feel no excitement at all. TBF this will be our 8th attempt at a holiday of varying lengths and distance, the previous 7 having been cancelled since Covid. I think I'm now just conditioned to expect disappointment hmm

RestingPandaFace Thu 15-Jul-21 06:22:37

Exactly the same feelings here, although in my case it’s showing it’s elf as ignoring stuff that’s coming up until the very last minute so that I’m not disappointed if something gets cancelled.

I am hoping that once we get our summer holiday out of the way I will start to feel better, although the fact that I’m thinking of it in terms of “getting it out of the way” suggests maybe not confused

Fedinbed Thu 15-Jul-21 06:33:04

I’m like this. Always have been since having kids and covid situation has just amplified it.

We went away last weekend and I worried all week about one of us having to isolate and then it was actually the hotel that cancelled on the day we were going!

beardeddragon174 Thu 15-Jul-21 06:48:53

@prediction500 so sorry for you x

I flew to Scotland on 1st July and for a solid week before I felt this sense of doom, like I would be stopped from going.

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