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groundedagain Wed 16-Jun-21 07:26:51

Hello all,

Off to Whitby in July with DC (6) for a week. I've never been there or anywhere close so would love some recommendations for what to do, see, & eat. TIA

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Artus Wed 16-Jun-21 07:32:43

Lots to do!

If sunny the beach, or the Westcliffe paddling pool.

Walk down the pier, play crazy golf, there is a good playground in Pannett Park. Visit the Abbey. Hope the swing bridge opens , loved to watch it as a child.

Eat fish and chips!

Bluesheep8 Wed 16-Jun-21 07:34:56

There's a fascinating museum in the park and Magpie Cafe for fish and chips.

Cheermonger Wed 16-Jun-21 07:38:07

Star in the Harbour is a lovely place to eat too

There’s a funny lift that goes down to the beach on West Cliff near the paddling pool. It’s just like a normal lift but set in the cliff

Bluesheep8 Wed 16-Jun-21 08:01:20

Oh and there used to be a guided Bram Stoker walk that meets near the whale bones on the cliff at dusk, that was brilliant.
Also, nearby Runswick Bay is stunning.

Anniecott Wed 16-Jun-21 08:22:58

Following as we are staying near there next week and if the weather is nice we are planning a day trip.
Is there a good seafood restaurant someone would recommend, not just fish and chips? Thanks. X

BikeRunSki Wed 16-Jun-21 08:25:26

North York Moors Steam Railway from Pickering

Lots of heated debates about which is the best fish n chip shop!


groundedagain Wed 16-Jun-21 08:25:37

Off to work but will read through later, thank you!

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Sirzy Wed 16-Jun-21 08:28:06

Trenchers for fish and chips. It may not have the hype of others but it’s a lot tastier and they don’t cram you in like sardines!

PlanetTeaTime Wed 16-Jun-21 08:31:03

I second @BikeRunSki do the steam train, it's so much fun!

Also well worth going to Sandsend, Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay which are next door to Whitby

Staithes is a favourite for me smile

BikeRunSki Wed 16-Jun-21 08:34:51

I don’t know if it’s still on, but Staithes is where “Old Jack’s Boat” was filmed. My dc loved it on cbbc about 10 years ago!

kurtney Wed 16-Jun-21 08:35:51

Walk up the 199 steps and see the Abbey. It's also a good base for visiting other villages in the area like Robin Hoods Bay, Staithes, Runswick and even Saltburn. You can walk along the costal path to Robin Hoods Bay.

The steam train is excellent but it's gone up in price in recent years. I looked the other day and it was about £80 for a family of four. In normal times, you can get from Pickering to Whitby and back and stop off at various stations in between, like Goathland which featured in Harry Potter but apparently they've stopped that due to covid and once you're off the train you can only come back (might have misunderstood but if you do fancy that, it's worth double checking).

groundedagain Wed 16-Jun-21 17:00:08

Wow thank you, I will make a list, I'm excited ☺️

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Toddlerteaplease Wed 16-Jun-21 17:36:09

Magpie is massively overrated. Sherlock's coffee shop is lovely!

MaximumVolume Wed 16-Jun-21 17:44:11

Ooh, we’re going to Scarborough (and Whitby is on our to-do) so this is a fab thread!

FionnulaTheCooler Wed 16-Jun-21 17:46:45

Alpamare water park in Scarborough is worth a visit, but I haven't been since covid so I don't know if all the flumes and stuff are fully operational. York is a good day out too, the chocolate museum tour is interesting.

WaitroseAldi Wed 16-Jun-21 17:48:54

Mister chips for fish and chips! Pie and mash at humble pie and mash!
Go to York for the day, bothams in Whitby for cake!
The new pizza place looks good.


We go multiple times a year smile

WaitroseAldi Wed 16-Jun-21 17:49:36

Magpie isn’t very good. I don’t know why people rave about it. Mister chips is much better 🙈

tootiredtospeak Wed 16-Jun-21 17:50:29

Whitby is ace but the places around it are the most beautiful Sansend and Saltburn beaches are amazing. Robin Hoods Bay is a must. Steam train nearby we always go from Grosmot to Pickering and then back stopping at Goathland. Get an all day ticket and get on and off at each one. Staines is another good one honestly everywhere around it is picturesque and beautiful.

MaximumVolume Wed 16-Jun-21 17:51:12

Thanks @FionnulaTheCooler we’ll be staying in Your for a couple of nights with a friend as well.

MaximumVolume Wed 16-Jun-21 17:51:24


FourTeaFallOut Wed 16-Jun-21 17:51:42

Second Sherlock's. Magpie is over-rated. You need a lucky duck from the lucky duck shop in your life.

Coffeeiloveyou1 Wed 16-Jun-21 17:55:22

Staithes is lovely to visit and the Cod and Lobster there do gorgeous food - recommend the seafood platter or the mussels

Tyredofallthis1 Wed 16-Jun-21 18:41:06

The museum is amazing. When I was last there, they had a great playground which my son (around 8ish at the time) loved.

The museum itself has a real jumble of stuff. It's run by volunteers and last time I went (some time ago) it was all piled up with an ichyosaur skeleton (I think) set in the wall and fancy jet and china in cabinets. There were spears and cannons if you looked for them, and all sorts of stuff. It depends what your DC likes.

I hope you have a wonderful time.

IdblowJonSnow Wed 16-Jun-21 18:46:34

I second sandsend and Robin hood bay. Filey also has a lovelybeach.

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