WhatsApp question please... worried/upset

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Sunorcloudgaj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:02:21

My DP has said he had to work late tonight. He uses WhatsApp for work, lots of group chats etc.

I don’t know why but I had a weird feeling when he said he was working late. Every time I’ve gone on his WhatsApp he’s showing online. Does this mean he is on a call? He’s been online not stop for 40 minutes now and he’s not a massive phone person.

I don’t have reasons to doubt him but just had a strange feeling and now I’ve seen this I don’t know what to think.

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User52739 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:05:23

Might be a call, or just the app being open on his phone. Mine has also sometimes got stuck showing ‘online’ when I’ve actually lost signal and it hasn’t updated recently.

If he uses WhatsApp a lot for work and he says he is currently at work, is there any reason to be suspicious that he is online? I don’t think this alone is cause for concern unless there is a big backstory about him being shady or unfaithful.

Orf1abc Tue 15-Jun-21 19:05:25

He might be on a call or he might be having a conversation or group chat.

Or he could be looking at your online status wondering why you're constantly on and off.

Choice4567 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:05:56

Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s on a call. Online means he has the app open, could be messaging

elizabeth533 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:06:13

I’ve had it before when my husband was on WhatsApp then someone called his phone (not via WhatsApp) and he showed as online the whole time of the call. So it is likely yes.
Sorry you have a strange feeling something isn’t right x

FizzyPink Tue 15-Jun-21 19:06:56

Or he has the desktop version open on his laptop while working on another screen

Sunorcloudgaj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:07:52

No backstory, I just had a weird feeling. He’d read my message an hour ago and then was online for the next 45 mins. He’s never online like that in chucks...though I suppose I don’t check it so I don’t know for sure, but I mean when he’s with me or in the house. He’s not a big phone user.

I just cant imagine anything is a 45 minute group chat to be honest. He often shows me work chats out of interest because he wants to share what he’s doing... they’re always short messages with big gaps throughout the day.

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Sunorcloudgaj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:08:40

@elizabeth533 that’s made me feel a bit better. Don’t want to raise it with him as I sound crazy.

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Sunorcloudgaj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:10:48

Coincidentally last night he asked me to WhatsApp his mum back when he was in the bath...I wish I had had a good look now! But nothing seemed dodgy on there just lots of work groups. Urgh I hate this.

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DontDrinkDontSmokeWhatDoIDo Tue 15-Jun-21 19:35:50

Why did you have a feeling, OP? What's making you feel unsettled?

Sunorcloudgaj Tue 15-Jun-21 19:36:53

I don’t know. He’s not always very attentive. He gets very into work and I feel forgotten sometimes. But there’s times he’s wonderful and present and great. Last night was great. I don’t know.

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KindergartenKop Tue 15-Jun-21 21:42:33

He wouldn't have asked you to WhatsApp his mum if he had anything incriminating on there.

FizzyPink Tue 15-Jun-21 21:45:24

Hypothetically if he was up to no good and he was with someone instead of being at work, surely he wouldn’t be sat on WhatsApp for 40 minutes?

ScatteredMama82 Tue 15-Jun-21 21:46:06

He may have left the app open on his phone, and carried on working.

Vallmo47 Tue 15-Jun-21 21:47:22

Completely agree with @KindergartenKop

roobicoobi Tue 15-Jun-21 21:49:27

Every time I’ve gone on his WhatsApp he’s showing online.

What has promoted you to keep checking his WhatsApp?

ChatterMonkey Tue 15-Jun-21 21:53:09

He wouldnt have let you near his whatsapp if hes secretive about anything in there.

Is there more to why you are worried about this? On its own it seems a total non issue but something is obviously worrying you.

Gunpowder Wed 16-Jun-21 10:19:00

My WhatsApp shows I’m online all the time because I never properly close it, just press the home button my iPhone and go to another app.

If he was having an affair and using his phone to message I doubt he’d ask you to message his mum.

Shoxfordian Wed 16-Jun-21 10:28:11

Do you trust him? I think you need a few more hobbies other than checking his online WhatsApp status

bigbaggyeyes Wed 16-Jun-21 10:46:24

If he's asking you to WhatsApp his mum then, at that point in time, he knows he has nothing to hide.

I use WhatsApp for work colleagues and sometimes we'll use it rather than teams as we can say what we really feel without fear of it being logged by IT.

Worriesome Wed 16-Jun-21 11:29:48

I think you should not read into it. Just enjoy your relationship x

imnotprincessbubblegum Wed 16-Jun-21 11:34:55

Dp has been "online" on WhatsApp when he's sat right next to me with his phone locked, so I don't think it's always accurate

bonfireheart Wed 16-Jun-21 11:50:34

OP I have two phones (work and personal) and can never understand why when I go on my work phone to send myself a pic etc to personal it says 'online ' when I clearly I am not. I think like pp said I don't close it properly.
Also cheats know you can hide the 'online' status.

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