Govt Call for Your Views on Womens' Health and Healthcare - Ends Today

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3beesinmybonnet Sun 13-Jun-21 09:50:37

The government are calling for evidence re: women's health and healthcare via this link:

"This call for evidence is seeking to collect views on women’s health. It will run for a period of 12 weeks and is open to everyone aged 16 or over.
This consultation closes at
11:45pm on 13 June 2021"

i.e. it ENDS TODAY.

They want to hear views from anyone: women, their partners, carers, health experts, organisations etc. You don't have to be a woman, you could respond on behalf of someone else.

If you think women's healthcare could be improved in any way, or feel that you're not being listened to, or maybe you know someone with concerns who can't speak up for themselves etc etc the government want to hear about it from members of the public, and from organisations.

It's a survey which is easy to fill in, and you can do it more than once.

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