Ladies, I have something to tell you

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AutumnOctober Sun 13-Jun-21 01:45:51

Haemorrhoid cream works WONDERS on inflamed insect bites. That's all x

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Antiqueanniesmagiclanternshow Sun 13-Jun-21 01:46:33

Also good for under eyebags

OddshoesOddsocks Sun 13-Jun-21 02:20:52

And big under the skin spots!

Susannahmoody Sun 13-Jun-21 02:22:16


How come I didn't know?

AmberIsACertainty Sun 13-Jun-21 02:24:43

I didn't know either. Thanks for the tip OP! smile

Poppins2016 Sun 13-Jun-21 02:26:17

Is the cream with or without steroid? (Curious - as hydrocortisone steroid cream works well for insect bites!)

Toddlerteaplease Sun 13-Jun-21 03:20:26

It was suggested to reduce the reaction from some injections I once had. It did the trick!


Frownette Sun 13-Jun-21 06:23:37

Well that is good to know!

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