Please help me buy some jeans

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tectonicplates Sat 12-Jun-21 15:53:30

Yeah yeah I know, yet another post about how difficult it is to find jeans that fit. I'm sure we've all been there.

I'm 5ft 1 and I'm an hourglass shape, approx size 14-16. So I'm looking for jeans that have the correct waist/hip ratio but are also the right length. It isn't just a case of taking up a hem - it's the rise area that needs to be the right length for petites, otherwise it's always all slouchy in that area. Also I hate belts, so the jeans need to stay up by themselves.

A couple of years ago I tried some Next hypercurve jeans, but they still weren't quite high waisted enough and felt like I'd constantly be pulling them up. I've also tried some from vintage companies but then the waist is actually too high, because they're not really designed for petites.

Happy to have any recommendations for "normal" jeans that I could try.

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MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig Sat 12-Jun-21 15:54:39

Do next still do the straight leg jeans? They’ve got a nice high waist and I think they come in petite lengths.

tectonicplates Sun 13-Jun-21 23:19:15

Any more ideas, please?

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tectonicplates Mon 14-Jun-21 11:36:02


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blobby10 Mon 14-Jun-21 11:57:08

Have you tried Lands end? I'm a bit taller than you but had some of their straight jeans and they fit really well for a lot less than Levi's prices. They used to hem their jeans to customer specified length but not sure they do anymore? Cotton Traders might be worth looking at too?

tectonicplates Mon 14-Jun-21 18:33:04

Lands End and Cotton Traders, thank you, I'll have a look.

Any more suggestions are welcome, everyone.

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newtb Sun 27-Jun-21 19:43:37

I find that Paypaya by Matalan are really good for hourglass shapes.

I always used to get them, and a friends daughter got them too - her husband was a partner in a firm of solicitors, so they weren't short of money. Her mother by mistake put a 4 carat diamond solitaire in the waste disposal unit. Her husband loved her to bits and she told me he just laughed and bought her another one.

Point I'm making is that they don't have to be super expensive. Worth a try.

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