If I really love the 90’s Pride and Prejudice series, what else might I like?

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AngeloMysterioso Fri 11-Jun-21 20:24:07

I need something to binge. I’ve got Netflix, Amazon Prime and some Sky channels and On Demand stuff through Virgin Media.

Any suggestions?

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Nohomemadecandles Fri 11-Jun-21 20:26:42

Lady Chatterley's Lover

colouringindoors Fri 11-Jun-21 20:28:27

Downton Abbey

if you want something racier, Bridgerton grin

AngeloMysterioso Fri 11-Jun-21 20:32:44

Seen all 3. Wasn’t that impressed by Bridgerton tbh, the girl got on my nerves!

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ThursdayWeld Fri 11-Jun-21 20:32:54

Young Victoria

Notonthestairs Fri 11-Jun-21 20:39:52

Death comes to Pemberley.

Love and Friendship

Persuasion (there are many versions - I quite like the most recent BBC attempt which is probably 10 years old but I love the Ciaran Hinds version)

BBC version of Emma with Romola Garai and Jonny something.

I loved the Tenant of Wildfell Hall but that's ancient and unlikely to be available.

Halmo Fri 11-Jun-21 20:41:09

North and South


tilder Fri 11-Jun-21 20:42:23

North and South

Not much really comes close to the BBC pride and prejudice.

tilder Fri 11-Jun-21 20:42:49

Cross post!

BakedTattie Fri 11-Jun-21 20:43:44

Jane eyre?

PuppyMonkey Fri 11-Jun-21 20:44:46

You’ve probably seen the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility?

Room with a View with Helena BC?

All the Emmas are great imho too.

Remains of the Day.

fortunacookie Fri 11-Jun-21 20:44:50

I loved pride and prejudice but also loved Bridgerton

PuppyMonkey Fri 11-Jun-21 20:45:44

Bridgerton was terrible and not in a good way imho.

Notonthestairs Fri 11-Jun-21 20:47:48

Sanditon? (I recorded it but haven't watched it - don't know why).

Outlander (only series 1 but it is v violent)

Medici on Netflix if you like a bit of Italian history but aren't bothered by accuracy and Dustin Hoffman playing a medieval Italian)

RiverSkater Fri 11-Jun-21 20:48:45

Is it the romance or it being a period drama?

For starters:
North and Southgate
Wives and Daughters
Dr Thorne
Any other Jane Austen, the 1996 Persuasion in particular.
Anne of Green Gables 80s version

RiverSkater Fri 11-Jun-21 20:49:21

South not Southgate bloody football!!

LionMummyRoar Fri 11-Jun-21 20:49:41

North and South (if you can find it- I still have it on DVD!)
Tenant of Wildfell was lovely, if anyone knows where to find it, please say!

ThursdayWeld Fri 11-Jun-21 20:52:01

Larkrise To Candleford

Cowbells Fri 11-Jun-21 20:52:22

Cranford with Judi Dench - really heartwarming
Persuasion with Amanda Root - exceedingly good
The Way We Live Now with Anton Lesser
Vanity Fair with Olivia Cooke

Snozzlemaid Fri 11-Jun-21 20:52:33

Definitely North and South

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Fri 11-Jun-21 20:53:33

Anything with Colin Firth in....😍

Bridget Jones?

ElizabethTudor Fri 11-Jun-21 20:54:02

Jane Eyre with Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens (fit)

mogtheexcellent Fri 11-Jun-21 20:55:21

The hattie morahan sp? version of sense and sensibility is the best imo. Also ciaran hinds persuasion.

Death comes to pemberly is also very good.

Laska2Meryls Fri 11-Jun-21 20:55:31

The 1983 Mansfield Park with Sylvestra Le Touzel and Anna Massey ?
Emma with Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong
Barchester Chronicles with Alan Rickman

Mareofwesttown Fri 11-Jun-21 20:55:52

Jane Eyre, the Samantha Morton and Cieran Hinds version. They were exactly as the book. It’s on eBay for about £2!

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