What stupid accidents have you had?

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boomchikawowwow Mon 07-Jun-21 20:07:55

I always seem to have stupid injuries for one reason or another.

This evening I thought I almost smashed my teeth out from a drinking glass. My tooth still feels sore now confused

I'm always covered in burn marks from taking things out of the oven.

Who else is accident prone?

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cheeseislife8 Mon 07-Jun-21 20:11:08

I fell up the stairs and broke my wrist

I once fell over a wet floor sign and bruised the whole of one side of my body. The irony

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 07-Jun-21 20:17:00

walked backwards down 3 steps of stairs backwards to avoid getting my foot tangled in hoover hose.
miscounted steps and smashed my foot into floor, spraining my ankle really badly

slipped on water in front of toilet while reaching to flush loo, smashed my chin on toilet bowl. I have an inch long scar on my chin (I was 7)

had to sneeze into sink (hands were full, and I had no way to move). smashed my chin into sink, bit through my tongue

sewn through a finger with sewing machine. through the nail but luckily avoided the bone

stabbed my hand while trying to cut a piece of mdf with a knife

halfmoonbay Mon 07-Jun-21 20:17:17

Whilst pregnant a very long time ago... I managed to shut my own hand in my car door. I still wince when I remember it doing it.

secretintrovert Mon 07-Jun-21 20:19:07

Oh gah I have so many! Worst one was probably burning myself whilst ironing my clothes. I was in a hurry so was wearing said clothes whilst ironing it 😩

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 07-Jun-21 20:19:39

I like my grandma's double stapling accident best.

she stapled through her finger, nasty injury.
a week later she happened to visit so she was telling us what happened. but words didn't seem to be enough so she decided to get the stapler to re-enact it as closely as possible.
she managed to do a brilliant job of it as she stapled through her finger again. best demo ever🤣

FluffyPJs Mon 07-Jun-21 20:21:13

@cheeseislife8 I also fell UP the stairs and broke my arm!! I'm sure the doctor didn't believe me at the hospital!

I broke my nose by skiing into a tree, and then again a few years later playing basketball.

The most painful one was when the metal hoop on a ring binder closed on the thin fleshy bit between my thumb and first finger! It pretty much pierced a hole all the way through


ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 07-Jun-21 20:25:20

I have to add my cousin's: being overexcited about Christmas gifts she ran through a closed glass door.

also my sister and I fake argued about a toy (we were adults) and broke a door. she cut her foot on some glass

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 07-Jun-21 20:25:54

I burned my finger on the fridge.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 07-Jun-21 20:29:13

gotta add my parents too: dad & mum were fake ballet dancing in the hall and he had lifted her just before running into the living room.
she banged her head on the top of the door frame and had a concussion.
paramedics just about managed to control themselves to not laugh.

my dad also broke his toe while showing us how a friend of his broke his toe. his mum is the stapler lady. 🤣🤣

PawsQueen Mon 07-Jun-21 20:31:22

Smashed a Pyrex dish, got a piece of it in my eye

Tipped boiling caramel over my arm, that landed me in the burns unit

Fell down a manhole with one leg, on gravel so got gravel rash which turned into cellulitis

Broke my tailbone trying to roller skate down concrete stairs with no hand rail

Broke my ankle and foot falling down stairs

Broke my other ankle and foot doing nothing. Even a&e gave me side eye at that oneconfused

Herniated my disc so badly it crushed my spinal cord and I got cauda equina. Doing nothing

I swear my doctor goes green every time I'm "I don't know how but..." and god knows what a&e have on me

thefirstmrsrochester Mon 07-Jun-21 20:33:33

Waiting on the iron to heat up and placed all four fingertips on the plate to check if it was hot. It was. I was in agony for days. I’m sure I could excel at being a one handed burglar who leaves no fingerprints behind.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Mon 07-Jun-21 20:35:11

while sitting down I had a severe neck & shoulder spasm from lifting a slim notebook that was next to me on the sofa.
I couldn't use my arm for days.

Also injured my wrist from lifting a 1/4 full kettle

boomchikawowwow Mon 07-Jun-21 20:39:11

Wow some of these make all my minor accidents seem like nothing 😂

I once nearly laid myself out when I was pulling the passenger seat forward in a car and it shot forward with that much force it made my head vibrate.

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crosshatching Mon 07-Jun-21 20:42:42

Broke my big toe aiming a kick at a new sofa bed that had broken. Aimed for the squishy cushiony bit...got the wooden base.

Also managed to put a skewer right the way through my thumb stabbing jacket potatoes for the oven.

I'm not noted for my aim.

MaBroon21 Mon 07-Jun-21 20:45:58

Fell down a manhole with one leg

I did this as well whilst on holiday in Greece. My shin still bares the scars decades later.

It took quite a few minutes to work out what had happened as it coincided with some kind of celebration blast from a church. When my husband asked me ‘what was I doing down there’ I told him that huge noise just blew me down a hole.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 07-Jun-21 20:47:43

Broke my back taking out the bin.
Cut my hand on a blunt serving spoon.
Burned my face on an iron.

NewMumma1819 Mon 07-Jun-21 20:51:57

Caught an extremely sharp knife by the blade to avoid it stabbing through my foot, then realised what I'd done and cut 3 fingers. Spilt boiling hot water from a pan on my baby bump!

Myusernameisnotmyusernameno Mon 07-Jun-21 20:52:59

I rushed in the house and left my boots at the bottom of the stairs and ran up the stairs for the toilet. Came out and decided to take the washing basket downstairs forgetting about my boots, trod on one boot, lost my balance and twisted both ankles.

Iheartmysmart Mon 07-Jun-21 20:58:35

The horse I was riding bolted, went under a low tree which caught me across the top of my riding hat, I came off backwards broke my collarbone, wrist and knocked myself unconscious. Came too with my sister poking me with a stick asking if I was dead.

user1471453601 Mon 07-Jun-21 21:02:01

Broke my big toe by dropping an empty gin bottle on it.

My latest, which has my family laughing, was the bruise on my foot. It's about six inches long and wide. I dropped a courgette on it. I do bruise easily, but from a courgette?

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 07-Jun-21 21:07:42

I used to think I was quite agile but a cool review of my life reveals that I am not. I always have bruises; I am currently sporting a lovely one on my leg from misjudging the location of a bench and walking right into the corner.

However, my all-star moment was running to the post box as a teenager, along a busy small-town high street where everyone knew me. It had been raining so the paving was slippery, one foot went out from under me, the other foot managed to join it somewhere in the air 2 or 3 feet off the ground, and I landed smack on my arse on the wet pavement, bruising both my coccyx and my pride. It probably looked like something out of a comedy skit.

BlindMedusa Mon 07-Jun-21 21:09:29

Shattered my nose with a garden rake ... its not quite how Tom and Jerry make it out to be

Modestandatinybitsexy Mon 07-Jun-21 21:09:34

I broke my big toe on the dog towel...

Cottoncandyandpeaches Mon 07-Jun-21 21:16:57

I was showing off and managed to slap my partner on his manberries
An hour later,I was showing my daughter what I had done (but hadn’t meant to) and promptly whacked him again

Tripped over the front doorstep,got back up,slipped again and broke my ankle

Sat on my finger and broke it

Tripped over my sons dog and ended up with two black eyes for weeks

Tripped over a friends dog and broke a toe

Tripped over the front doorstep mat and broke two toes-a year to the day later I tripped over the same mat and broke the same two toes

Fell over the bin at work and knocked myself out-next shift I fell down the stairs and nutted a huge hole in the wall

Tripped over a wet floor sign at work (that I’d put there) twice

I am a walking accident

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