80s (or thereabouts) song lyrics thread 30 🎶

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CoffeeBeansGalore Thu 27-May-21 23:18:14

Come on in.
Post a few lyrics of a song from 70s, 80s, 90s with the decade & we will try to guess the artist

















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CoffeeBeansGalore Thu 27-May-21 23:32:46

First easy one to start

And maybe he sings off key
But that's all right by me

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FlouncingBabooshka Thu 27-May-21 23:40:11

Ooh hello! Thanks Coffee

That’s let’s hear it for the boy x

FlouncingBabooshka Thu 27-May-21 23:40:43

I don’t think I’ve ever been first before!

FlouncingBabooshka Thu 27-May-21 23:41:35

Whoops! Got over-excited and forgot to give the artist - Denice Williams

CoffeeBeansGalore Thu 27-May-21 23:54:28

Well done FB 👍😊

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RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 00:16:54

Just checking in. Catch you guys tomorrow.
Eeek! Later today x


FlouncingBabooshka Fri 28-May-21 19:49:40

<peers in>.

<grabs a handful of hula hoops and stands expectantly in corner clutching drink>

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 28-May-21 19:51:25

Hello FB 🖐

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FlouncingBabooshka Fri 28-May-21 19:58:52


I was worried I’d killed the thread by turning up after all this time.

Honeyroar Fri 28-May-21 20:24:54

Kermit Coffee is back!!

Well done Midge for the last thread, but all is normal again.

dexterslockedintheshedagain Fri 28-May-21 20:25:04

Is it pappy and rubbish? Just trying to narrow it down....

OMG that could be any Kylie, any decade

NeedToKnow101 Fri 28-May-21 20:25:10

Yay hello!!!

RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 20:25:47

Ah! The universe resets again.

Midge, you did a fine job 🙏 But glad to have you back, coffee x

AJumpedUpPantryBoy Fri 28-May-21 20:25:53

Found you all!

I'm in tracksuit bottoms and a hoody one of those black tasseled skirts that looks like a lampshade, that I thought were the height of sophistication in 1988 a black top, over the knee suede boots and a black felt hat again, how I rolled back then wearing green foundation for maximum pastiness and black cherry lipstick, heavy on the eyeliner.

Honeyroar Fri 28-May-21 20:26:14


<peers in>.

<grabs a handful of hula hoops and stands expectantly in corner clutching drink>

Aw bless FB, I hate that feeling when you’re at a party!

RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 20:26:38

Shiny can you repost?

It was culture club, which I think is a v cool first gig

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 28-May-21 20:26:51

@shinynewapple21 can you repost your triple please?

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RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 20:27:40

Do we want some music? (I've got about 5 hours worth)

RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 20:28:04

Or more games first?

NeedToKnow101 Fri 28-May-21 20:28:20

Words are few
I have spoken
I could waste a thousand years
Culture Club
Do you really want to hurt me

But you're always there
Like a ghost in my dreams
And I keep on telling you
Please don't do the things you do
I know this.

NeedToKnow101 Fri 28-May-21 20:29:12

It's Culture Club too but I can't think of the song blush

RogueMNerKnowsNoShame Fri 28-May-21 20:29:27


AJUmpedUpPantryBoy Fri 28-May-21 20:29:41

I think it is Victims

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 28-May-21 20:30:19

The Kylie one is definitely soppy, pappy, teenage love

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