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purpleben Sun 23-May-21 10:24:49

What is your favourite order? I'm looking for inspiration. I love my Costa but have to say I'm getting bored after years of ordering the same, small white latte with premium blend. I'm after a similar taste but with a kick. Maybe a syrup added or just something different.

What's your favourite tipple?

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bardlion Sun 23-May-21 10:33:19

I always have a soya mocha- iced if it’s warm out. Adding vanilla syrup makes it taste a bit like cake but it’s already £££ so I rarely add any extras.

Waxonwaxoff0 Sun 23-May-21 10:36:55

I like a vanilla latte or the Ruby hot chocolate, I do have a sweet tooth though.

PuffinBadger Sun 23-May-21 10:38:13

Cortado is my favourite

purpleben Sun 23-May-21 10:42:37

Is cortado similar to latte?

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purpleben Sun 23-May-21 10:43:01


I like a vanilla latte or the Ruby hot chocolate, I do have a sweet tooth though.

Vanilla latte sounds nice

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MrsBarnstable Sun 23-May-21 10:44:27

Just jumping in here. Can you explain what they all are please . I'm scared to go in and look like a prat not knowing what to order


Babymeanswashing Sun 23-May-21 10:45:18

Chai latte for me - love it!

toomuchfaster Sun 23-May-21 10:46:12

@MrsBarnstable they have a lovely picture on the wall in my local that explains what all the drinks are

Gazelda Sun 23-May-21 10:46:18

I usually have a skinny latte. Not very adventurous.
In winter, I have their hot spiced apple which is amazing. Sometimes in the summer I'll have iced tea.

Threeisme Sun 23-May-21 10:47:22

Yes to chai latte. I'm also partial to a latte or mocha with coconut milk. The latter tastes a bit like Bounty but better!

ElephantsNest Sun 23-May-21 10:48:10

I happily drink dairy milk but I would still recommend the plant milk lattes with syrups. Oat milk with caramel syrup and almond milk with hazelnut syrup are lovely.

RealityCheck24601 Sun 23-May-21 10:52:53

Sugar free vanilla latte with almond milk.
My Costa/Starbucks go to.

RubyFowler Sun 23-May-21 10:54:03


Just jumping in here. Can you explain what they all are please . I'm scared to go in and look like a prat not knowing what to order

I hope you can see the diagram I've attached.
They basically all start with an espresso but the difference is how much coffee to milk.
Cappuccino and latte are milky coffees which would be good to order if you're not sure.
I always order small or regular and don't say the primo/medio I can never remember which is which.
You can have different milk instead of dairy, that's when people have soya or coconut milk for example.
You can add flavour syrups, that is when people have hazelnut or vanilla etc.
There is so much choice, I bet you're not the only one put off.

Bagelsandbrie Sun 23-May-21 10:56:30

Soya caramel latte. Lovely!

Polkadotties Sun 23-May-21 10:58:58

I like a vanilla cappuccino. In the summer an iced mint mocha is nice.

user1464279374 Sun 23-May-21 11:00:49

Hot chocolate with full fat milk!

MrsBarnstable Sun 23-May-21 11:01:36

Thank you @toomuchfaster and @RubyFowler, it's like an art, who knew

H1978 Sun 23-May-21 11:04:34

I always get a very boring English breakfast tea with semi skimmed milk. It’s more the cheese and tomato toastie that I go in for.

ChubbyMsSunshine Sun 23-May-21 11:09:42

Try an oat latte - the oat milk adds some depth to the flavour. It's lovely!

rooarsome Sun 23-May-21 11:10:38

I'm a big kid! Mint chocolate chip frostino or a hot chocolate with a mozzarella and pesto panini 😂 My family always take the mick that I go to a coffee shop and won't entertain a coffee

saraclara Sun 23-May-21 11:16:14

Coffee. You know, just coffee. Americano with a splash of milk for me.

All these horribly sweet and milky drinks end up bearing no resemblance to coffee in the end. You might as well just stir packets of sugar and flavoured syrup into hot milk!

saraclara Sun 23-May-21 11:16:58

...oh, and a raspberry and almond bake. Obviously.

northernstars Sun 23-May-21 11:20:22

Cortado for me

LividBlabber Sun 23-May-21 11:24:31

I’m normally a black americano.

But I’ll go strawberry frostino for essentially a pudding.

When pregnant I had a decaf white chocolate mocha with syrup and marshmallows on the regular blush

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