What am I missing? School-funding

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ICECream821 Fri 21-May-21 06:58:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Solidaritea Fri 21-May-21 07:03:21

I think it's saying that the per-pupil funding bus staying the same. However, more children are eligible than before, so overall spending on PP will increase by 2.5 million.

The third part is more complicated. PP children are counted during one of the three annual census days. I think they're pushing back the time they're counted from January to October. Which I think is just pandemic-related (kids weren't in school in January, so census couldn't be completed fully).

It's not a very clear article at all.

DellaPorter Fri 21-May-21 07:09:38

The census that effects fsm/pp counts the number of students on roll, rather than onsite, so not affected by pandemic.

But whereas the main count of numbers for funding purposes is October, fsm/pp has always been January, that was changed without warning.

The jan date gave time for parents to sign up - the sudden change has reduced numbers considerably - especially given entitlements jumpd up due to increased unemployment.

Solidaritea Fri 21-May-21 07:11:09

So to summarise, my understanding:
PP per child will stay the same
PP overall spending will increase as more children eligible
PP will not increase until October, when it would normally increase in January. This is where the loss of 110k comes in, I think.

But might be wrong....

ICECream821 Fri 21-May-21 10:54:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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DellaPorter Tue 01-Jun-21 20:22:24

For 21/22 the pp funding would usually be based on no of eligible children Jan 21. By changing it to oct 20 retrospectively, lots of children lose out. For infants in particular, there is often a lag getting them signed up for fsm. This year numbers gave bern shooting up also due to the pandemic

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