Terrible purchase and I am struggling to come to terms

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Smileyoubeauty Mon 17-May-21 18:41:07

Hello wise mumsnetters

I am just looking for a shoulder to cry on.. Moved house 3 months ago and could not afford to buy a sofa. It's a really big deal for us as money is tight after the move etc. Didnt want to buy online as I hurt my back and really wanted to feel the firmness and support.

Our old sofas were leather reclining and lasted 13 years. This time I wanted fabric as little ones much older and I guess I wanted something warmer as well.

Went instore twice to popular furniture store and did my research. The sofa was firm and great and I figured as well that with it being instore and lots of people sitting in it,it would be a good indication of firmness as well.

They were a bit pricey but DH and I guessed that it would be worth it seeing as the last ones lasted 13 years and these ones would not be used as a trampoline as children older.

Got the sofas last week and the sofas sink when you sit in them not anywhere as firm as the ones instore. I have a bad back fell and injured myself so sinking or soft sofas are a definite NO.

Called the store and because I bought instore they cannot change them.Only had them 7 days. Had I bought online would have been able to change and get a refund within 14 days.

I am kicking myself so much and now I am stuck with sofas I cant sit on and still have to pay for. Took 0% interest but deposit paid with c/card. I am so upset with myself for being so stupid and not thinking this purchase through properly. I want to have a little cry as I cannot see the bright side of this at all.

The store have said that all they can do is send someone to have a look at them but basically it's no longer their problem and it's my own fault for not realising what their returns policy was.

I am just so upset - all that money we will have to pay. Can anyone help me with what I can do.

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UhtredRagnarson Mon 17-May-21 18:44:31

Is there no 30 day return policy?? That’s awful. Surely you should have some sort of option to return if they’re not suitable?

UhtredRagnarson Mon 17-May-21 18:45:27

Could the hue you an exchange?

UhtredRagnarson Mon 17-May-21 18:45:39

They give

Babyroobs Mon 17-May-21 18:48:04

I feel for you. We bought a sofa during lockdown so admittedly couldn't test it out. It is the most uncomfortable sofa ever and I end up in pain every time I sit on it ( back and neck problems). It just sinks in the middle and you forever feel like you are sliding off it.
can you sell it ? I know you probably wont get anywhere near what you paid for it.

MouseholeCat Mon 17-May-21 18:50:54

What store? People may be able to help you with their T&Cs and find a clause.

Ilovemaisie Mon 17-May-21 18:51:04

Are they definitely a different level of firmness? You could say they were not as advertised and not fit for purpose therefore they should be returnable.


Disfordarkchocolate Mon 17-May-21 18:51:28

I only found out when I bought my last sofa (having bought about 8 before this) that the seat cushions in the store are not the ones you get when you buy a sofa.

FOJN Mon 17-May-21 18:51:30

There is a Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman who offer useful advice. It would be worth checking if there no returns policy for items bought in store is compliant with consumer protection legislation. You will need to have exhausted the stores complaints procedure before the ombudsman can open a case.


Good luck, it's so disappointing when you spend a large sum of money and what you end up with is not what you thought you were buying.

FOJN Mon 17-May-21 18:52:16

Their not there, ffs.

accentdusoleil Mon 17-May-21 18:52:52

Could an upholsterer make them firmer ? I have no idea if that is possible but worth an email to one or two.

TerribleCustomerCervix Mon 17-May-21 18:53:07

Could you get on to a local upholsterer and ask them if there’s anything they could replace the cushion filling with to make them firmer?

Even if you did one sofa at a time to spread the cost?

midgedude Mon 17-May-21 18:53:19

Is there one still in store?

Firmness is hard to measure but if yours is very different to what you ordered they have to take it back , like any faulty goods surely ?

I guess you would have to invite trading standards to sit in both! Perhaps invite the store to come to yours?

SparklingLime Mon 17-May-21 18:53:48

I’m not sure that’s correct, it has to be fit for purpose and as described. Have a read of this. Definitely worth a letter formally rejecting the item.

Branleuse Mon 17-May-21 18:54:12

if theyre not the same then theyre not what you ordered.

SparklingLime Mon 17-May-21 18:54:48

I agree with midgedude - I’m not sure the shop is correct.

MrsCaptainJakeBallard Mon 17-May-21 18:55:11

You usually need to pay to upgrade to the foam when you buy your sofa, although agree with pp this isn't always obvious.
We got the option to do this when we bought ours so I suppose if nothing else they might give you the option to upgrade now?

UpTheJunktion Mon 17-May-21 18:55:16


I went into DFS to order a sofa, and discovered that the cushions at one end were the firmer memory foam cushions, to be ordered at extra cost, and the ones at the other end were the squashy ‘standard’ ones.

Could it be this?

I would go back into the shop, try it out, and check you have got what you sat on in the shop.

MrsBarnstable Mon 17-May-21 18:56:57

It wasn't sold as advertised though, they misled you on the one thing that really mattered
I'd contact TS if they refuse to budge
It could give you additional health problems

MotherOfGodWeeFella Mon 17-May-21 18:57:22

If you specified you wanted the sofas like the display one and they've sold you a different option then you can challenge them on it. Some companies have three different seat cushion options at different prices. It's too much money for it not to be right and I think being firm with the shop (no pun intended) could work. Also worth tweeting the company about it.

1FootInTheRave Mon 17-May-21 18:59:02

We paid extra for foam. This makes it much firmer. Could it be that?

BelleBlueBell Mon 17-May-21 18:59:26


I only found out when I bought my last sofa (having bought about 8 before this) that the seat cushions in the store are not the ones you get when you buy a sofa.

That's interesting, I didn't know that and I'm glad I do now, thank you

I'm saving for a sofa and that is very useful advice

SouthOfFrance Mon 17-May-21 19:00:04

Write to 'A Question Of Money' column in the Sunday Times and ask for advice.
They might help smile

Sading Mon 17-May-21 19:00:09

If you paid, even part of the amount, by credit card, you may have more rights than usual. I’d get in touch with your credit card company.

Unsure33 Mon 17-May-21 19:00:11

I would check out reports on the store as well . Their complaints Facebook page , trust pilot etc because this is not the first time I have heard this .

I am willing to bet there are others with the same problem that will give you ammunition.

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