Weird wedding card

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changedthenameforthis Sun 16-May-21 20:28:36

If you received a card like this for your wedding, how would you interpret it? White background, Mr & Mrs in black, a few miniscule hearts, blank inner. Hand written best wishes - that's it.

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midnightstar66 Sun 16-May-21 20:43:08

I'd assume it was from someone of an older generation as that's how my 92 yo granny signs cards.

Ilovemaisie Sun 16-May-21 20:44:24

I'd think it's a bit dull and boring but I wouldn't 'interpret' it as anything.

NeverMetANiceOne Sun 16-May-21 20:44:46

I'm not sure i understand what makes it weird?

changedthenameforthis Sun 16-May-21 20:47:33

*I'm not sure i understand what makes it weird?

The contrast with the rest of those sent. The absence of congratulations, celebrations, wishing you every happiness, flowers, gold embossed, silver embossed, champagne flutes, etc, etc.

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Northernlurker Sun 16-May-21 20:49:06

They clearly hate you and think you will be divorced in a few weeks.

There, was that what you were thinking?

Or maybe they just picked up the first card that they liked and didn't consider your need to go ott?

SkepticalCat Sun 16-May-21 20:49:20

Just "best wishes" written inside, with no names, so you don't know who it's from?


JimBobNoJob Sun 16-May-21 20:49:39

Do you know who from?

Sssloou Sun 16-May-21 20:51:08

Who sent it?

What is your RS with them like?

Were you surprised?

FlattestWhite Sun 16-May-21 20:51:16

sounds nice - kind of modern and minimalist, not full of the gushiness and over sweet sentiments that a lot of wedding cards have. I struggle to find ones that are simple enough for my taste to send to people. I might have written 'congratulations' as well, though, but not everyone would.

I would have signed my name though.

JimBobNoJob Sun 16-May-21 20:51:26

Incidentally I’m sure I saw that card in Asda, (had to buy wedding cards recently) so maybe it was picked up for convenience.

changedthenameforthis Sun 16-May-21 20:51:28


Do you know who from?

Yes, it is signed.

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exexpat Sun 16-May-21 20:52:00

I'd think it was from someone who clearly has different taste in cards to you, and then put it in the pile of wedding cards you will probably never look at again...

AreTurnipsReal Sun 16-May-21 20:52:17

I would assume they are stylish and minimalist. Is it someone you dislike?

LawnFever Sun 16-May-21 20:53:09

I’d think it was just a card from someone to celebrate my wedding.

Do you usually try your hardest to find issues with things and go looking for ways to be offended?

amymel2016 Sun 16-May-21 20:53:16

Perfectly fine

korawick12345 Sun 16-May-21 20:53:37

I would interpret it as the person sending it was sending me best wishes on my wedding day. Any other interpretation would just be your imagination

BettyOBarley Sun 16-May-21 20:53:40

I wouldn't think anything of it tbh. Unless there's a back story?
I know loads of people who just write To X love X in cards, no personalised message.

FelicityPike Sun 16-May-21 20:53:55

I really would care less, other than to thank them for sending their cards and thoughts.

changedthenameforthis Sun 16-May-21 20:54:45

Is it someone you dislike?
There is a difference of opinion over an unconnected matter.

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AuntieMarys Sun 16-May-21 20:54:46

You'd hate the cards I send! I hate mawkish, sentimental mainstream cards. I like quirky individual ones .
I'd never send one like you seem to expect. You're overthinking

PermanentTemporary Sun 16-May-21 20:55:05

My heart wouldn't leap for joy at it but it seems perfectly ok. I'd assume it was from someone I didn't know that well.

exexpat Sun 16-May-21 20:55:32

(people's taste in cards can be very, very different: there seem to be threads on here every year at Christmas where someone is offended not to have been given a huge shiny card emblazoned with whatever their specific relationship is ('to my son's girlfriend', 'to my grandad's fiancee' or whatever), and half the thread is full of people equally offended and the other half think all cards like that are tacky and horrible)

ThatsNotMyReindeer Sun 16-May-21 20:56:00

I'd assume sent from a single older male. This is how my 70 year old uncle signs cards "Best wishes, D" for pretty much every occasion!

TeeBee Sun 16-May-21 20:56:15

I'd assume it was sent by my son who hates writing cards.

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