Would you do this with your child?

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treesmight Tue 11-May-21 11:24:27

Would you leave 14/15 year old child alone at home for a week with food in fridge, some money and in a safe village/area? There’s a local shop with food a five minute walk away.

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caringcarer Tue 11-May-21 11:27:48

No. That is insane. Under 16's should not be left home alone. If you have to go see if child can stay with GP or other close family.or even family friend.

caringcarer Tue 11-May-21 11:28:37

Is child 14 or 15, or are there 2 children? I have 14 1/2 year old.

PeskyRooks Tue 11-May-21 11:28:40


knightinshiningwhatever Tue 11-May-21 11:29:01

No that'd be a safeguarding issue here

Oopsy41 Tue 11-May-21 11:29:35

Definitely not

WaterBottle123 Tue 11-May-21 11:29:50

Absolutely not. They'd probably be totally fine, but no doubt lonely and sad


EdersonsSmileyTattoo Tue 11-May-21 11:29:54

No. Not a chance.

ApocalypseNowt Tue 11-May-21 11:30:05


MamaWeasel Tue 11-May-21 11:30:25

Depends on the child, and the support network around that child.

Overdueanamechange Tue 11-May-21 11:31:37

Hell would freeze over first.

ineedaholidayandwine Tue 11-May-21 11:32:42

Not a chance

Overdueanamechange Tue 11-May-21 11:32:47

If this is happening to a child you know, please report.

Hazel444 Tue 11-May-21 11:33:13

No, for one night, possibly two - but not for a whole week.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Tue 11-May-21 11:33:45

I was left alone for a week when I was 16 (and loved it) but that was 20 years ago and probably not ideal.

Tatum1234 Tue 11-May-21 11:35:02

No chance, I wouldn’t leave my 16 year old.

CirqueDeMorgue Tue 11-May-21 11:37:03

I was left alone at 16, in fact, I moved out when I was 16 so I'm not seeing a huge issue with a sensible 15yo home alone. That said, DD is 15 and no, I wouldn't leave her for a full week.

Jowak1 Tue 11-May-21 11:37:58

No - I have a nearly 14 year old and the most we leave him is for a few hours ensuring he knows how to contact us in an emergency and that he has everything he needs while we are out.

cookiecreampie Tue 11-May-21 11:38:23

No chance.

Eileen101 Tue 11-May-21 11:39:25

Not a chance. Even if they were perfectly mature and capable of looking after themselves, I would worry about them being lonely.

MindBodyChocolate Tue 11-May-21 11:40:33

A week?! No. Leaving aside any safety issues it’s deeply unfair on the child. I’m all for independence but this is going much too far.

spiderlight Tue 11-May-21 11:41:30

Absolutely not. Mine is 14 and in no way capable of looking after himself safely or healthily for a week.

HumunaHey Tue 11-May-21 11:42:19

No, not for a whole week.

emilyfrost Tue 11-May-21 11:43:10

Of course not confused You do still have to parent teenagers, you know.

Ninibest Tue 11-May-21 11:43:42

No, few hours in a day time is acceptable. I wouldn't leave my 15 year old alone after 8pm

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