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Laaaaa Sun 09-May-21 14:50:03

Any other subscription box fans and want to discuss?!

I get and love:

Cohorted £40 a month but the beauty stuff you get is worth so much more and really impressive.

Pyjama drama I get twice a year for me and my teen and love.

Gousto I get a box every month and love.

Freddie's flowers get once a month and love

Rocco teen gets this cheap and cheerful but higher value than you pay.

Fit and fab 4 times a year, a bit hit and miss might not get next year.

No criticism please, I gave up alcohol last year and was spending £70 a week on alcohol and I have a lot of physical health problems so spend on lovely gifts that really cheer me up!

Anyone get any good ones? And want to discuss!!

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DancesWithDaffodils Sun 09-May-21 18:23:28

With Gousto, it's currently on amazing cashback with
We did our first box last week, using cashback, and got more in cashback than the cost of the box (but it did have a 60% discount). Just watch the dates - we ordered 4 meals, but they only had best before dates 3 days after delivery.......
Worth double discounting!

Wishingwell75 Sun 09-May-21 18:28:30

I have tried lots of different ones over the years - mainly beauty but also hello fresh and a stationary one.

I came on to fully recommend the only one I get now and it's TOYL - Time of Your Life. It's a beauty box and it's target demographic is the 40 plus age group, although I haven't received any thing I wouldn't have loved in my 30's.

It costs £35 a month and at first I was intending to just get the first one as I got it half price and £35 seemed like a lot! But the truth is it's less than a tenner a week and I could easily have frittered that away on a magazine and a coffee. Each box has been worth an average of £120, sometimes more but always at least £100. You can cancel or miss a box anytime you like.
The box usually contains full size and generous travel sizes and the brand's have included : Stilla, Keyvin Aucoin, Siserly, Elemis, Philip Kingsley, Emma Hardie, Paradox Hairdressing, Aromatherapy Associates, Ren, Molten Brown, Gatineau, ILA and By Terry. Also a lot of up and coming independent brands. That list is just off the top of my head and also just from this year.
The customer service is amazing and the founder Karen has had a career in PR -for the Beauty Brands mainly I think; I think she must have good connections because she was able to keep going through all 3 lockdowns.
I appreciate this might sound a bit evangelical but I really love getting my parcel of treats each month, if possible I try not to find out what is going to be in the box beforehand, but there are emails and videos.
I like this because I got a bored of receiving mini sizes and lots of sparkly highlighter from other boxes.
I quite fancy the Minted box but it is pricey.
Some of the one off beauty boxes from magazines like Elle and Red have been quite good.
I have been a Beauty Pie member since the get go really and I think it's gone from strength to strength. I love a lot of their products and to me it's worth it, I tend to let my spending allowance roll over for a few months and then buy what I need.

reluctantbrit Sun 09-May-21 18:47:21

We had The Spicery twice now, originally as a gift for just 3 months but we really liked it. You can pause if you have two many kits. It is just the spices though but all other ingredients are easy to get or cupboard staples. Most have a veggie option to replace the meat.

DD got the .Bakedin boxes one year for 6 months as a birthday gift and we really liked it. Easy to re-do as the recipe cards clearly states the necessary weight of all ingredients. I also got the bread box but they are too complex for a family of 3 and we obviously don’t entertain that much so too much is left undone or wasn’t eaten up.

Redskyyy Sun 09-May-21 19:42:06

@Laaaaa I already run a small gift box business (things like chocolate gift boxes, new mum and baby, birthday gifts, mothers and fathers day etc) but stock so many lovely edible things (chocolate, truffles, popcorn, caramel sauce, tea and coffee) along with pamper items (artisan soap, spacemasks, bath salts, candles) and other ‘stuff’ like notebooks, seedballs, flower presses etc, I thought a regular self-care type subscription could be a winner. A few customers have asked/ suggested it recently. The only thing stopping me is if I have enough variety to keep people regularly subscribing.

I forgot I also had stitch fix until recently and LOVE bloom and wild so going to look into subscribing. Flowers in the house always make me feel happy!

Nothappyland Sun 09-May-21 20:07:28

Sorry, can’t find who, but those asking, the rewards you get for referring got revoked, so for Whirli I think it was £20 credit for whoever signs up etc but because the codes were spread through these forums they contacted them saying they were removing their credits for whoever signed up. I can’t remember the ins and outs of it but I remember thinking what a ballache it would be! I just don’t want people to do it and then maybe end up in a sticky situation!

Nothappyland Sun 09-May-21 20:11:04

And the Whirli one I think is decent, my DD is very fickle with toys so it’s been a lifesaver to try some toys and be able to send them back. We have the £25.99 a month one for £160 worth of toys plus delivery booster as I didn’t wana have to pay for returns and delivery. It’s good, currently we have a Toot Toot garage and a Wobbel board, both of which she’s liked but not loved to the point that I’d be glad to pay £40 plus £90 for them! I’ve had them a few weeks but will be sending them back next week or so. I’d recommend it for people with toddlers especially, with how fickle they can be!


Jennyfromtheculdesac Sun 09-May-21 20:17:50

Sous chef - it’s pot luck but had some really interesting ingredients that we now order regularly. Great if you love to cook from scratch and trying new things.

Arena flowers.

Stitch fix - a bit of a luxury. I’ve just cut back from every month to every two months and I never purchase the full box.

Laithwaites wine club - have been doing this for over 15 years. A mixed case every 2 months it lasts about 2 weeks

Laaaaa Mon 10-May-21 10:00:06

Forgot about Bakedin get that every month and love it

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Laaaaa Mon 10-May-21 10:00:24

Couldn't get on with stock fix

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