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Laaaaa Sun 09-May-21 14:50:03

Any other subscription box fans and want to discuss?!

I get and love:

Cohorted £40 a month but the beauty stuff you get is worth so much more and really impressive.

Pyjama drama I get twice a year for me and my teen and love.

Gousto I get a box every month and love.

Freddie's flowers get once a month and love

Rocco teen gets this cheap and cheerful but higher value than you pay.

Fit and fab 4 times a year, a bit hit and miss might not get next year.

No criticism please, I gave up alcohol last year and was spending £70 a week on alcohol and I have a lot of physical health problems so spend on lovely gifts that really cheer me up!

Anyone get any good ones? And want to discuss!!

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RubaiyatOfAnyone Sun 09-May-21 16:40:16

@SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius you just reminded me with your description of pretty boxes, that i used to get FairyLoot too which has lovely boxes, which was a Young Adult fantasy book and associated gubbins.

I usually love YA and fantasy, but their definition seemed solely to consist of “dystopian future where one teenage girl will totally reveal herself as the Chosen One who will cure all the problems, as soon as she’s decided which of these two hot guys who are fighting over her she’s going to choose.” Which got a bit tedious. Kept it going at least two months longer than i should have because i wanted the boxes for storage blush

Fkrkrodps Sun 09-May-21 16:40:30

I get Simply Cook. The food is tasty and it’s nice for one evening each week to not have to think about what to cook. I get the lots where I couldn’t recreate the food myself.

Skin and Me - I feel like my progress has stalled recently, but the concept is great and I want to persevere. I like that they change my prescription each month, so I don’t feel forgotten about.

I tried Toucanbox for my daughter. I would have subscribed regularly, but you don’t get to choose the activities and I found the ones we were receiving weren’t that great.

regthetabbycat Sun 09-May-21 16:42:08

I love Awebox. You can change your categories between beauty, gin, nailcare, chocolate, kids, petcare, etc as often as you like.

RubaiyatOfAnyone Sun 09-May-21 16:43:32

@Nothappyland whoops, thank you for the warning, I had no idea you weren’t supposed to share referral codes like this - i thought that was the whole point of them! I always see codes on the Christmas threads and no one has ever said they had problems, but you’re probably right.

AdoraBell Sun 09-May-21 16:46:41

Hotel Chocolat, quarterly. It’s my only indulgence.

lolacola77 Sun 09-May-21 16:47:21

I get the Look Fantastic box. I've tried a few booze and book ones but don't think they're worth it. Arena flowers are wonderful though!

Here's a 20% off their first order with us (minimum order value £25) for your first order at Arena Flowers. To accept, use my referral link:


Snog Sun 09-May-21 16:47:32

We have Simply Cook and Hello Fresh plus the Graze snack boxes.

Also Artful box - quarterly art supplies and Stack who send a different niche/boutique magazine each month.

I have just come to the end of an Interiors magazine subscription which I only got because it was so incredibly cheap. I won't renew this as I just don't read it.

Lyricallie Sun 09-May-21 16:49:39

I used to get birch box which I really enjoying but wasn't getting through it fast enough so ended up stopping it. We use simply cook which I like and found some new recipes through it and fiance gets a beer box which is he loves.b

BirdyBee Sun 09-May-21 16:50:16

I get one delivered monthly by the snaffling pig and co, full of lovely snack bits!

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sun 09-May-21 16:51:32

I get Gousto most weeks and love it.

I get Cotton and Twine Cross Stitch boxes every month which I love but obviously you need to like cross stitch.

I get a Treat Box box every month which is a bit hit and miss but has just enough nice stuff for me to keep it.

Both DS and I get a Teatime Bookshop box every month which we both enjoy.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sun 09-May-21 16:51:59

I get Bloom and Wild every month and have done since they started. The flowers last beautifully and it is such a treat when they arrive. This link gives £10 off (I get a credit too) if anyone wants to try:

SallySycamore Sun 09-May-21 17:10:33

I like the look of the snack one! I'm tempted to try the mini box to see whether I like it.

I might suggest it to my DSis too — she's a bit upset about cancelling her Graze boxes that she's had for years. She's just moved in with her DP who's allergic to nuts, and by the time she's taken out the nuts, and a few she knows she doesn't like, there wasn't choice!

lightningpeach Sun 09-May-21 17:10:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SouthOfFrance Sun 09-May-21 17:11:55

@Redskyyy what kind of products would go in your subscription box? Do you have a link?

SouthOfFrance Sun 09-May-21 17:14:11

The Whirly one looks like a good idea in practise but then also looks like a lot of hassle and a complicated price structure? What kind of toys do you get?

Laaaaa Sun 09-May-21 17:19:14

That whirly one looks great is it? Wished I had young kids!

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Lemonelderflower Sun 09-May-21 17:21:22

Hello fresh and bloom and wild. Is Freddie’s flowers good?

alwjanaban Sun 09-May-21 17:37:15

I was loving hello fresh until they just didn't deliver my box last week with no explanation. They were no help at all and decided to give me a credit to my account rather than my bank account. I got the biggest box so it was nearly all our food for the week.

I switched to gusto, got my first box yesterday and the veg and meat does seem to be nicer than hello fresh. I also have a discount code if anyone wants it.
60% off first box then 30% off for the rest of the month.

I've also tried some of the kids activity ones, which have been good but I'm always running out of time to do it all with the kids and then they pile up.

ElderMillennial Sun 09-May-21 17:46:23

I forgot to mention I am also interested in the Hotel Chocolat subscription but I don't have any active subscriptions at the moment.

Those people who are putting referral codes on here - be careful, I found an old post on MN about Whirli subscription when I was thinking of trying it and loads of people put their codes and got them revoked and had to pay their benefits back.

I don't understand. What happened? The people who posted their codes on here got their rewards revoked?

Blueberry40 Sun 09-May-21 18:00:24

DS gets snack surprise box every month (£13) which he loves as it’s themed around a different country each time. He also had loot box for a while and liked that too.

DP just started a Harry’s shaving subscription which he seems quite pleased with.

I have stitch fix (£10 per month which is refunded if you keep any of the items). Have previously had Hello Fresh (pretty good but not enough choice for me), Gousto (nice but expensive), Make box (lovely but don’t have time to do them atm), Degousto (wasn’t overly impressed), Lookerio (very hit and miss but mostly miss) and a Bloom and Wild flower subscription for my mum.

ElderMillennial Sun 09-May-21 18:03:24

I used to get Graze a while ago.m

RuthW Sun 09-May-21 18:05:57

My daughter had Boxcitment when she was at uni. I bought her a Graze subscription for her birthday this year.

doadeer Sun 09-May-21 18:07:39

I get iggy box - lush candles every month I love love it

doadeer Sun 09-May-21 18:08:14


Any opinions on Gousto vs Hello Fresh? I constantly get spammed by Hello Fresh which puts me off a bit but it does sound nice and easy.

100% gousto

KeyboardWorriers Sun 09-May-21 18:22:51

I have quite a few. They give me a boost and a reminder to take time for myself

-Reposed - a fairly literary book box, always an excellent book and some treats I love

- Feel Good Book club - does what it says on the tin. An uplifting book and some treats and it supports the Samaritans

- pyjama drama box - agree with previous poster, excellent product and great customer service

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