Next door asking for WiFi password

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Sparkles556 Sun 09-May-21 12:21:40

Just want to start by saying I would do anything for anyone but I’m not quite sure we have done the right thing. Last night next door knocked on asking if they could have the WiFi password. I didn’t answer as I was upstairs, so DP did and he gave it her. Now, they aren’t my favourite people (putting that nicely) I put a thread a bit back saying how much of a nightmare they are. Not really sure why DP gave it her to be honest. I’m really paranoid now they have it. Does anyone know if they could do anything dodgy with it? I might be sounding dramatic but if so, could I change my WiFi password and would that kick them off it?

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Sparkles556 Sun 09-May-21 12:23:27

Just to add, we don’t know them and they’ve only lived here for a few months

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annabell22 Sun 09-May-21 12:23:44

No idea what they could do, but change it to something else pronto.

Justkeeepsmiling Sun 09-May-21 12:23:53

Change the password, and if they ask if there's a problem with the WiFi, just say yours is ok?! I'm not sure if anything dodgy can be done with it, but it is a bit of a piss take asking for the password. And they may use all your allowance which means you'll end up paying for more.

custardbear Sun 09-May-21 12:24:43

Change it! If they want it long term then no, tell them you don't have fast streaming so it's not working well fir you when it's used by too many

romdowa Sun 09-May-21 12:25:33

Yes they could do very dodgy things and it would be on your ip address. Change it asap and pretend like you've no idea what the problem is

Gazelda Sun 09-May-21 12:25:40


Change it! If they want it long term then no, tell them you don't have fast streaming so it's not working well fir you when it's used by too many

I'd do this.


Flaunch Sun 09-May-21 12:26:33

I’d let my neighbours have it but I know and like them. No way I’d do it for strangers.

LagneyandCasey Sun 09-May-21 12:26:34

Just change it. If they come asking again send dh to the door to say no, as he should have done the first time.

LowlandLucky Sun 09-May-21 12:26:57

Why didn't your DP just hand over you bank PIN numbers whilst he was at it ? I find it really hard to understand grown adults doing such a thing. Change all of your passwords before it is too late

AnyFucker Sun 09-May-21 12:27:54

Bloody hell. Change the password immediately. If they ask again, say no. If you are too frightened (???) to tell them to get their own sodding WiFi tell them you have had to change your router as it was slow running and the providers have told you to limit your hotspots.

Sparkles556 Sun 09-May-21 12:28:00

@LowlandLucky I know. He struggles saying no to people sometimesangry

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HumunaHey Sun 09-May-21 12:28:20

What an absolute cheeck! Yes, change it asap. Also, have a word with your DP. He was eirher being completely careless or a complete pushover.

Dod he not ask any questions about why they want the password? E.g. their internet is down, no internet while they switch provider, etc.

daisypond Sun 09-May-21 12:28:30

Under certain circumstances, this would be ok with me. Eg, Internet is down temporarily until broadband provider fixes it.

Moondust001 Sun 09-May-21 12:29:14

Change it immediately. You have no idea what they might be doing, and your IP address is traceable. Your husband is an idiot. And I wouldn't make up any elaborate lies. If they have the cheek to complain tell them outright that you've changed it, they can't have the new password, and he shouldn't have given it to them in the first place. Otherwise they will be around again and again for this and other things.

TheQueenOfTheNight Sun 09-May-21 12:29:53

Don't feel like you need to lie about changing the password. Change the password, if they ask again say that you assumed they just needed it temporarily while theirs was down for a few hours. Oh it's not a temporary problem with their provider? Surely they're not expecting to use yours indefinitely? Just laugh and say you're Internet barely copes your own needs.

HamAndCheeseToastie5032 Sun 09-May-21 12:29:56

Do either of you do any WFH?
Change it, and if they ask and you don't want to be honest, say it's a condition of your employer that WIFI networks are secure.

CuriousaboutSamphire Sun 09-May-21 12:30:00

I have never understood how some people have the brass neck to ask.

Nor how some rationalise giving because it doesn't cost them anything.

Change your password and let your DH tell them no when they inevitably knock and ask again.

Elouera Sun 09-May-21 12:30:16

What was their reason for suddenly needing it? Why didn't they hotspot from their own phone to their laptop if they desperately needed the internet to say- get the number for their wifi company? hmm

Of course they can use your IP address for anything! I hope you've changed it already.

Sparkles556 Sun 09-May-21 12:30:22

@HumunaHey no she just knocked on and asked for it and dp didn’t question her. She didn’t say why she needed it either

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TheQueef Sun 09-May-21 12:30:22

Yes they can do dodgy things and no you shouldn't share your utilities free of charge with neighbour.

Sparkles556 Sun 09-May-21 12:32:12

Does anyone know how I can change it? I’m so annoyed with him now

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Notaroadrunner Sun 09-May-21 12:32:32

Change the password now. If they have the cheek to call back asking for it again, tell them you are not in a position to share your wifi (no excuses needed) and that you have changed the password.

HumunaHey Sun 09-May-21 12:32:55


*@HumunaHey* no she just knocked on and asked for it and dp didn’t question her. She didn’t say why she needed it either

I would be seriously pissed off at my DP. I hope you've changed the password.

Chillychili Sun 09-May-21 12:33:05

I would change it, if they come knocking I would make up something about hacked accounts on the internet so you don’t feel comfortable sharing it again. (I am a people pleaser so couldn’t just do the mumsnet no is a full sentence).
I have shared our wifi password with a neighbour, she was switching internet provider and it left her without internet. She is a social worker working from home though.

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