Can you recommend me your comfiest bra?

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Bradvice Thu 06-May-21 20:46:37

The last few years I've found myself able to tolerate wearing a bra less and less. When I wear one it's so uncomfortable and makes me sore and sweaty/itchy. If I do wear one I will just put on a sports bra and take it off as soon as possible.

The thing is I know I will look better in my clothes if I wear one so I'm torn.
Can anyone recommend a comfy bra with good support? I saw an ad for one that fastened round the front and looked good but that was just a random Internet ad so would prefer to hear from real people!

Can anyone also recommend the best way to measure for the correct size?

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Chatanooga1 Thu 06-May-21 21:12:16

Charnos bra’s are lovely and I’ve bought them since the 1970s!

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