Friday tomorrow! What’s your weekend plans?

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Jezzamiami Thu 06-May-21 19:26:40

I’m getting a well needed cut and my highlights done on Saturday morning. Back home to tidy up and then do a food shop, I’m trying a new recipe for Saturday tea (haven’t decided what to cook yet though)

Sunday will be a walk in the woods in the morning, home for a roast dinner, tidy up and then a sit down with a few homemade cocktails. Relaxing weekend but I can’t wait.

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SkiingIsHeaven Thu 06-May-21 19:30:32

Hopefully everyone will sod off and leave me alone!!!

Sorry, having a bad week.

I hope you have a good one.

bloodywhitecat Thu 06-May-21 19:34:29

Making my wedding cake, talking to a florist about a small, hand tied bouquet (and hoping I haven't left it too late as we get married on the 22nd).

bloodywhitecat Thu 06-May-21 19:35:10

And maybe visiting the little one we moved on to their forever home almost a year ago!

Claire4567 Thu 06-May-21 19:36:44

Fix my bike (broken spoke) and number two child's bike (flat tyre)
Various bits of DIY including putting up curtain rails, hanging and taking up curtains etc...
Then working Sunday morning before home for Mothering Sunday (continental)

Harrykanesrightsock Thu 06-May-21 19:38:58

Off to the Northumberland coast for a couple of nights in our campervan. Then hopefully back to do some landscaping in the garden weather permitting on Sunday. Finished with a takeaway if I’m too shattered to cook.

NeedCoffeeToSurvive Thu 06-May-21 19:40:42

Baking cupcakes or a big cake, I haven't quite decided yet, I have 3 filming sessions to do, tackling the many plant pots in the garden that need washing ready for fresh soil and plants to be put in, maybe a nature walk and I plan on taking my toddler to the shops so he can pick out a new bath towel as he's outgrown his current ones


Livpool Thu 06-May-21 19:41:20

Ooh exciting @bloodywhitecat

Seeing my parents and having a lie in - it has been a hectic week with work.

Tomorrow DS is being picked up by PILs and staying over and DH is going out. I can't wait to have the house to myself. I will drink wine and eat pizza 😍

Lissy50 Thu 06-May-21 19:41:43

Spending the weekend revising for exam on Wednesday 😏

Checkingout811 Thu 06-May-21 19:43:50

Saturday morning is DC clubs- drama school 9-1 for DD and football for the boys 10-11.
Lunch after we’ve collected DD then off to the park with friends. Mexican for tea.
Sunday we’ve booked flamingo land.

Feels amazing to be out actually living life again as opposed to merely existing.

Jezzamiami Thu 06-May-21 19:45:18

@bloodywhitecat Congratulations. I’m getting married next year but I won’t be making my own cake grin

@Lissy50 Good luck, what’s the exam for?

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Lissy50 Thu 06-May-21 19:48:08

Accountancy exam

EvilOnion Thu 06-May-21 19:48:33

Good luck with your exam @Lissy50 🤞

Saturday working 7am - 1pm - might go to the park with kids and DH for a bit if it's dry afterwards. Chinese fakeaway for dinner, possibly a few drinks and a movie if we can find one!

Sunday morning will be meal planning for the week and writing a shopping list - prepping what we have. Working 2-10pm.

Have some photo Frames that we've been threatening to put up since we moved last year so might actually get round to that probably not

aibutohavethisusername Thu 06-May-21 19:54:35

I don’t work Fridays. Colour consultation at the hairdressers first thing then I’m popping to London to have lunch with my daughter.

2nd jab late afternoon

HugeAckmansWife Thu 06-May-21 19:57:31

Kids with their dad. Me and DP going for a quick stay away in an air B&B. We don't live together and haven't seen each other much in recent months so should be good 😉

MinnieMountain Thu 06-May-21 19:57:38

I’m having supper with a friend tomorrow.

Saturday- family swimming and collecting my bike from the bike shop. It needs repairing after a pedestrian walked into it (yes, really).
It’s a quieter day than planned. We were supposed to have friends round but it’s due to chuck it down all day.

Sunday- I’m swimming at the lido at 7:30. Taking DS to a farm park in the afternoon. DH is going for a long bike ride. We’ll have takeaway for supper.

TreacsPotNoodle Thu 06-May-21 20:02:49

Saturday going to a water assault course and can't bloody wait! Probably chill in the evening and cook a nice dinner.
Sunday going for tea and cake at my mums and then come home and get in my dressing gown anddo the housework.

Checkingout811 Thu 06-May-21 20:05:07

@TreacsPotNoodle oh where is this water assault course?

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 06-May-21 20:06:43

Going to see a friend tomoreow to celebrate her engagement and 40th birthday, Saturday will be spent recovering

idontlikealdi Thu 06-May-21 20:06:49

Hopefully seeing my parents depending on weather and going shopping for birthday presents for Dh.

SimonJT Thu 06-May-21 20:11:45

I don’t work Fridays so the weekend is here for me.

When my sons at school I’m going to head to the gym, then late breakfast with my husband in a nice little restaurant, thankfully it has a roof so we’ll be okay if it rains. The rest of the day depends on the weather, if its dry enough we’re taking the dog on a nice long woodland walk, if not we’re going to stay in and finish our zelda puzzle. On Friday night me and my son watch a film together, he is almosr guaranteed to pick trolls.

Saturday morning is rugby training, then on to my rugbytots sessions. No other plans, so will see what my son fancies.

Sunday my son has his first swimming lesson since the pools opened, after that we’re going to a play session with our adoption group, so hopefully it stays dry.

TreacsPotNoodle Thu 06-May-21 20:12:45


*@TreacsPotNoodle* oh where is this water assault course?

Plymouth! Adrenaline quarry

KurtWilde Thu 06-May-21 20:20:58

Congratulations @bloodywhitecat I made my own wedding cake too. Loved every minute of it. And it tasted incredible. What kind of cake is it?

Saturday I'm taking DC into town for the first proper shop in ages. New clothes, shoes, the whole shebang. Maybe something for me too. And definitely a big fat Starbucks.

Sunday we're visiting my eldest DD as her due date approaches. I'll put a chicken and some veg in the slow cooker before we go then there's ready made dinner when we get in. Followed by wine and Netflix when the kids are in bed.

Bearsbearsbears40 Thu 06-May-21 20:21:24

I love the idea of a looking-forward thread on a Thursday night!

I am off tomorrow so going for an eye test then a Costa coffee as a treat. Quiet day generally. We have lunch booked at a pub on Saturday, it may be cancelled due to bad weather, hope not but if so we’ll stay in and order takeaway for dinner instead and watch our latest box set. Sunday morning we’ll go and see if we can get an appointment sorted to design our new kitchen. I will go out for a run then potter about getting the house sorted out. May cook a roast for dinner and decide what to do in the absence of Line of Duty!

gollymissdolly Thu 06-May-21 20:21:57

On Saturday we'll spend some time tidying the garden in preparation for putting in some bedding plants once there's no chance of frost.
Will play some tennis weather permitting.
I've got an appointment for my 2nd Covid vaccine at 8.30am on Sunday morning so no long lie for me.Just grateful to get both vaccines.

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