Do you have a food or drink treat daily/weekly? What is it?

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hogu Thu 06-May-21 19:15:42

Mine is daily and it's a bar of chocolate & a Pepsi max.
An addiction I'm hoping to overcome very soon!

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Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 06-May-21 19:18:58

A croissant every Sunday

H1978 Thu 06-May-21 19:36:59

Tesco finest triple chocolate muffin in my weekly shop 😋

stayathomer Thu 06-May-21 19:38:35

Just kicked the daily fizzy drink thing recently so best of luck, I find I enjoy it so much more with just a can at the weekend!

Passthecake30 Thu 06-May-21 19:49:35

A bit of chocolate, some liquorice, some cake or hot chocolate...something sweet every day. Crisps only on Fridays or Saturdays as I’m not into them as much.

mammmamia Thu 06-May-21 19:52:18

I have a weekly Gu chocolate pudding.
Rarely had anything else sweet during the week but over lockdown that seems to have gone out of the window and I’ve been eating much more chocolate than normal.
I’ll never say no to cake either.
If I’ve had a bad day I will succumb to chocolate as well but I don’t eat something sweet every day.
I have a glass of wine 4-5 days a week.

LlamaofDrama Thu 06-May-21 20:02:50

Our weekly shop comes on Saturday morning, and for Saturday breakfast I always have really fresh bread with butter and good jam, and excellent hot chocolate made with full fat milk and chocolate drops, not powder, made in the milk frother. It's very, very specific grin and I look forward to it all week.


LondonStone Thu 06-May-21 20:34:10

I almost always have a chocolate mousse with a handful of raspberries after my evening meal!

Workinghardeveryday Thu 06-May-21 20:41:35

Lions midgets gems on a night

Sparkletastic Thu 06-May-21 20:48:21

Since Covid we've had a weekly takeaway. Rarely had them pre-pando.

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-May-21 21:09:19

Dh and I are both calorie controlling Mon-Fri. His Saturday big treat is fresh bread (breadmaker set on timer so it comes out at exactly the right time), and we walk into town and get amazing brownies from a cafe. My big treat is my Saturday afternoon crisps

FrancesFlute Thu 06-May-21 21:12:29

DH started doing our weekly food shop when the pandemic hit as he used the NHS hour. He brings back lovely pastries from Morrisons most weeks. We can't get them if we do an online shop with them, only in store. I look forward to them every Monday!

Piemam Fri 07-May-21 00:18:58

Chocolate, pretty much daily. (Not pie, as name may suggest!)

MouseholeCat Fri 07-May-21 01:23:17

Pre-pregnancy I'd buy myself a kombucha when I got the weekly shop. I can't stomach it right now so I pick up something else I fancy. This week it was a big pack of Doritos that DH was not allowed to touch.

PJmasksandwineplz Fri 07-May-21 01:25:09

Mine is daily lol every time I go to the shop I buy one of those really cheap but equally yummy 50p happy shopper chocolate bar n scoff it before I'm back 🤣

DinosApple Fri 07-May-21 07:08:30

Weekly a 200g bar of cadburys caramel... I have to share it with the DC though.

Blowingagale Fri 07-May-21 07:11:12

A freddo chocolate bar, about every other day or a frusli bar.

NeedATan Fri 07-May-21 07:12:45

Dessert at the weekend. I'm successfully calorie counting so that's my treat frequency right now.

Nhsisfucked Fri 07-May-21 07:15:36

Daily. I have some haribo or a few buscuits or chocolate every night! Crisps too at weekends.
I’m not fat or overweight.

lollipoprainbow Fri 07-May-21 07:17:26

A cream cake when I do the weekly shop !

TracyHorrobin Fri 07-May-21 07:25:14

Hot Vimto, twice daily.
Its a new and bad habit and I need to stop it.

Marguerite2000 Fri 07-May-21 08:39:58

My daily treat is biscuits dipped in coffee. My weekly treat is a bottle of rose wine.

PermanentTemporary Fri 07-May-21 08:43:24

Diet Coke. In a can. Hate it from a bottle so it's purely psychological, I sometimes think it's the feel of the can and the fizz against my lips more than anything.

DonLewis Fri 07-May-21 09:02:01

Friday night is curry night. I make it with ghee....

VictoriaLudorum Fri 07-May-21 09:04:11

I have been getting Sunday lunch from a local restaurant for the past couple of weeks and this always includes the foie gras offering (currently with truffle, Eisweingelee, marinated asparagus and a small brioche roll).
It is only me at home and I am bored with cooking all the time (freezer died last year and is yet to be replaced) so one meal a week, that I do not have to prepare and that tastes pretty decent, is a real treat.
Also meant that I could have lamb on Easter Sunday (helping was generous and lasted for 2 days), which would otherwise not have been an option.

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