Hairdressers - would you want your clients to return if they didn’t like their cut?

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Anordinarymum Wed 05-May-21 00:06:01

I would tell her I did not like it. I would be more clear about what I wanted next time and make sure she knows. If she messes up again I would not return.

GoldStarAngel Tue 04-May-21 23:57:45

Had my hair coloured and cut two weeks ago as things opened up. Was so desperate for it as hair had gone crazy. It’s a stylist I have been to before and usually I love her work but the cut just not working for me this time. It’s not what I asked for and doesn’t suit me. Would you want me to return and get her to do it again? Happy to pay, just don’t like the cut. Or should I go somewhere else? I really like that salon and that stylist but I get excruciatingly embarrassed about these things. How do I tell someone I don’t like their work?

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