Would you pay £766...

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AintNobodyHereButUsChickens Tue 04-May-21 19:00:06

...for these beauties?

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GintyMcGinty Tue 04-May-21 19:00:40


SendARavenToRiverRun Tue 04-May-21 19:01:16

100%. Mint those mate 👌

Chickydoo Tue 04-May-21 19:01:45


DonLewis Tue 04-May-21 19:02:05

Nope, I'm waiting (eagerly) for the Primark rip offs.

AuntyFungal Tue 04-May-21 19:02:33

Ooooo, I’ll take a pair in each colour.


AfterSchoolWorry Tue 04-May-21 19:04:30

Heh, I can twist my ankle in flats. So, no.

cupcakedaisy Tue 04-May-21 19:04:56

absolutely....if i had money to burn grin

Crankley Tue 04-May-21 19:14:03


ElphabaTWitch Tue 04-May-21 19:18:24


LavendulaAngustifolia Tue 04-May-21 19:18:58

I'll take two

SeaTurtles92 Tue 04-May-21 19:23:06

Why do they look like roller skates, stilettos, sandals and trainers.

Someone really thought fuck it, all in one shoe.

SeaTurtles92 Tue 04-May-21 19:24:24

Oh gosh they come in two colours. As if you're going to sit there and go hmm which one shall I go for?

torquewench Tue 04-May-21 19:25:45


Why do they look like roller skates, stilettos, sandals and trainers.

Someone really thought fuck it, all in one shoe.

And also ski boots ans one of those aircast boots that are used these days instead of a plaster cast...

bloodywhitecat Tue 04-May-21 19:30:21

They look like some kind of medical device.

SilverOtter Tue 04-May-21 19:30:54

Oh good grief no! They look like some kind of orthopaedic splint🤣

FartleBarfle Tue 04-May-21 19:31:33

Fucking hell! They are like a pair I designed in year 7

FartleBarfle Tue 04-May-21 19:32:12

The kid sitting next to me made hamburger shoe you could eat if you got hungry. I wonder if that exists yet?!

AustralianCrunch Tue 04-May-21 19:32:33

You would have to pay me grin

LilacSorbet Tue 04-May-21 19:32:37

I'm a 6.5, do you think the size will run large? Would be gutted to miss out.

Bugalugg Tue 04-May-21 19:33:18

Yup, I've got a pair.

Bugalugg Tue 04-May-21 19:33:41

Jokes, just kidding grin

FunnyWonder Tue 04-May-21 19:34:57

See, you've linked to the yellow version, OP. You'll find the blue is much more to most people's tastes ...

Personally, I'll be buying both.

AnExcellentWalker Tue 04-May-21 19:36:01

Just the thing for nipping down the supermarket in my jammies.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Tue 04-May-21 19:37:41

Such a shame I have size 7 feet...

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