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abstractzebra Tue 04-May-21 18:55:46

Hi all,

I'm travelling to Beaconsfield tomorrow with someone who wants to go to the model village.
I've been a couple of times before and said I would just have a wander round the area and look round the shops.
I can't really tell if there are many shops there! Is there 2 - 3 hours of things to do there (bearing in mind you can't have a long brunch or coffee!) or should I aim for High Wycombe instead?
I can't seem to remember either area very well!

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Sacharelle Tue 04-May-21 22:30:33

Beaconsfield is much nicer than Wycombe. It has some nice shops and you'd manage to spend 2/3 hours there especially if you go up to Old Beaconsfield (as well as doing the newer part which is the part closest to the model village).

BritInAus Wed 05-May-21 00:27:23

Chalk and cheese - very different places! Beaconsfield being a million times nicer!

TeenMinusTests Wed 05-May-21 06:32:00

Why not just go to the model village too? It is fab.
So much detail and the trains are great.
The more you look the more you see.

abstractzebra Wed 05-May-21 07:23:37

I've been there a number of times before but as far as I can remember, I've never looked around the rest of Beaconsfield.
I do like the model village but just fancied doing something different.
I will stay in Beaconsfield and have a look round.
I know it will be nice as most places in that area are nice!
Thanks for the advice grin

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wizbit93 Wed 05-May-21 07:41:25

If you like reading there's an Oxfam book shop - you can certainly waste some time in there! smile

abstractzebra Wed 05-May-21 11:25:15

I'm here now! The town centre is larger than I thought it would be and parking was free. I've been to the Oxfam bookshop and now having a coffee outside in weather which seems to be better than predicted, so it's all good 👍

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TeenMinusTests Wed 05-May-21 11:46:38

smile I always liked Beaconsfield. So much nicer than GX.

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