Painting kitchen cabinets

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Deadringer Tue 04-May-21 17:26:47

Sorry it's a dull one, unless you like talking about kitchens, or painting. I am getting my oak kitchen cabinets painted soon, and have always thought i wanted white, but now i fancy duck egg blue. My counter top is black and i can't really afford to change it. Has anyone done theirs, or have any advice? Photos would be great! I attached a small corner of the kitchen but there is a lot of cabinets. No island. Thanks.

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user1471427614 Tue 04-May-21 17:38:33

I painted my oak cupboards duck egg blue last march. It was the wilkcos paints, it still looks good now

Deadringer Tue 04-May-21 17:49:14

Thank for that, what's the colour on the top, is it different or just the light? Did you paint them yourself, looks like a good job. I am crap at painting so have been saving to get them done.

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JackieTheFart Tue 04-May-21 18:10:20

We did ours in grey dulux eggshell paint. Our cupboards are MDF though and we stripped off the laminate - yours are wood by the looks of things? They’ll need more prep. But so long as you prep well it should be fine.

Google for some blogs.

Tuesdaysintheazores Tue 04-May-21 18:13:32

I've done it but not in my current one so no pics. My tip is to get new door handles as well, to update the whole look. I did one colour on the bottom and another on the wall cupboards. I think it will look great OP

AlwaysLatte Tue 04-May-21 18:15:10

We did ours (solid pine units) in cream eggshell over primer. It is very easy to clean. We did get a professional to do it, which I think makes a big difference.

ratspeaker Tue 04-May-21 18:17:23

not painted but we got pale blue units with black work top a while back.
Pics before we decorated the walls

oneglassandpuzzled Tue 04-May-21 18:31:06

I painted our oak cupboards with Little Greene blue china (deep). No photo, but we were very pleased with the results. It's a lovely fresh, but not cold blue, and works well in our east-facing kitchen.

It took some time and lots of preparation and layers of undercoat to get it right.

Dowser19 Tue 04-May-21 18:34:38

I know people who have painted boring caravan brown cupboards with amazing success
Some just painted on top of the brown plastic covering and others stripped it back.

Deadringer Tue 04-May-21 18:42:34

ratspeaker i love that shade! My kitchen is quite dark, northwest facing, so trying to brighten it up. Yes it's solid oak. I am afraid i will get tired of the blue, but if i do play safe and go for white i will definitely get the blue on the walls.

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BradleyCooperwillbemine Tue 04-May-21 18:44:37

You can get specialised paint for kitchen cupboards that you don't have to sand the units down beforehand. I think Homebase and BandQ sell it.
You do need to really thoroughly clean the units to degrease them. Using a foam roller gets a smoother finish - I only know this because I have watched gazillions of YT videos. I have the same units and am thinking of doing it.

Sarjest Tue 04-May-21 20:31:56

We used Wiko’s sage and white furniture paint. Very pleased with the results as it brightened up the kitchen and delayed replacing the doors for a few years. The jury is still out on durability as we only did it recently. Two coats of primer then two of paint, sanding in between.

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