has actually friendships come from mumsnet?

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KirstyT79 Tue 04-May-21 17:00:23

hello. i was thinking about this. has anyone posted for advice on here and actually made a good friend or soulmate?. we are all using made up names with no photo, for me i decided to have a johnny cash moment. i am a man actually, but i have always said if i had a daughter i would call her kirsty as i liked the name. so i chose it as a user name for MN. but who hs broke away from mn world and actually met up together in the real world? i am curous.

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Undersnatch Tue 04-May-21 17:01:40

I see posters saying that this has happened but I can’t imagine it myself.

Sparklingbrook Tue 04-May-21 17:02:48

Johnny Cash?

Back in the day there used to be meet ups but not any more I don't think. It's too big a place and you can't be too careful there's some weird people about.

KirstyT79 Tue 04-May-21 17:07:25

@Sparklingbrook. it was a joke the song by johnny cash a boy named sue which is kind of what i have done with my mn username. i was interested because people tend to get to know each other in all manner of circumstances

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Londono Tue 04-May-21 17:09:47

I've made friends with people I've met on Twitter who I know are Mumsnetters too if that counts? We were all radicalised by Mumsnet and attended a Women's Place UK meeting and met a fab group of local women there.

Imkindreally Tue 04-May-21 17:13:13

Ah my antenatal group here became a fairly close group. I met my now best friend on there grin

secondchapter Tue 04-May-21 17:15:28

I've got some good friends who I have met irl from a Cancer support group from 2011...

AmazingBouncingFerret Tue 04-May-21 17:30:06

Women I have met through mumsnet have been some of my closest friends. We’ve seen each other through births, divorces, weddings, birthdays, illnesses, and all things that life throws at us.

It seemed a lot smaller back then though and namechanging wasn’t so prevalent.

Councilworker Tue 04-May-21 17:30:58

Yes from my birth month group which started about 8 years ago! We've had meet ups and weekends away, gone for drinks and sent wedding cards and congratulations cards when the 2nd/3rd/4th babies came along.

JensonsAcolyte Tue 04-May-21 17:33:58

Yep, as Ferret says, we have a wonderful friendship group of over ten years standing who are some of my closest friends.

Waves at Ferret who won’t have a clue who I am on here behind my eleventy billionth name change.

Tambora Tue 04-May-21 17:36:56

Been here over 10 years, and I don't know anyone on here in real life.

HugeAckmansWife Tue 04-May-21 17:39:26

Yes. From a thread about being cheated on and left for the ow. We gradually migrated over to FB and real life. One lives right round the corner from me.

Pseud Tue 04-May-21 17:41:32

Yes, it started as a repeat long running thread over 10 years ago and eventually we switched over to a private Facebook group. We meet up a couple of times a year and we chat every day.

jerometheturnipking Tue 04-May-21 17:41:50

I met one of my best friends in an antenatal group on here.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Tue 04-May-21 17:44:28

Yes I have real friends that I first met on here.

TheProvincialLady Tue 04-May-21 17:46:38

Yes I met someone through a Mumsnet meet up who I don’t see very often, but I really value our friendship. I also met two women on the same meet-up who were clearly horrified at the sight of us and it was fairly mutual 😀

TheFairyCaravan Tue 04-May-21 17:47:19

Some of my closest friends have been made through MN.

TheProvincialLady Tue 04-May-21 17:47:47

It was indeed a lot smaller and less twatty 14 years ago.

NothingIsWrong Tue 04-May-21 17:49:40

My three closest friend I met via the Woolly Hugs threads and an offshoot yarny Facebook group that grew from it. One happened to live geographically close to me and we've met up once a week on average for the last 5 years. The other two live further away but we've had weekends away as a 4, we talk every day

Getmesomecoffee Tue 04-May-21 17:49:48

Yes, I have!

HettySunshine Tue 04-May-21 17:51:36

I joined a group on the pregnancy board back in 2013. We moved onto Facebook as the babies started being born and a core group of about 60 of us have been friends ever since.

We have had loads of meet ups and have got each other through a zillion things since. Some of my best friends are from that group and I thank my stars every day that I joined that group.

PenguindreamsofDraco Tue 04-May-21 17:52:11

Yep absolutely <waves to the TSA>
It's been about 12 years now and we have genuinely been there through births, marriages, divorces, deaths and evetyt6in between.

Sparklingbrook Tue 04-May-21 17:58:16


It was indeed a lot smaller and less twatty 14 years ago.

That is definitely the key.

The hacking in 2015 I think it was made everyone very wary too, some people left for a bit and came back, some left for good and a lot namechanged to be on the safe side.

Sparklingbrook Tue 04-May-21 17:59:27


**@Sparklingbrook**. it was a joke the song by johnny cash a boy named sue which is kind of what i have done with my mn username. i was interested because people tend to get to know each other in all manner of circumstances

You don't mind that by username alone people would assume you were female?

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn Tue 04-May-21 18:00:34

Yes, I have. But as PPs have said I think we’re all warier than we used to be.

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