Tell me your perfect weekend

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MaxiGold Tue 04-May-21 12:38:05

I never knew how much I differed from my friends and family. I’ve always been introverted but it’s surprised me how much they would rather be away from the home! So I’d like to hear what your perfect weekend is.

Mine would be a wander round town on Saturday morning and getting my nails done. Home for lunch and then pottering in the garden if the weather is nice. Afterwards I would have a long hot bath and in the evening a home cooked meal or a takeaway with a few glasses of wine. In the evening watch a film with dh and read my book. In the middle of summer maybe a BBQ with dh and some family in the garden with a few drinks.

Sunday would be out for an early walk or gym session and then a day at home, cooking a big roast for the early afternoon. While it’s cooking I’d be pottering around the house and in the garden.

Apparently this would be my friends worst nightmare of a weekend shock

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NeedCoffeeToSurvive Tue 04-May-21 20:39:13

Would hopefully be a rainy weekend because I hate sunshine, Saturday I'd walk through the local woods, listening to the rain hitting the tree tops, twig races in the little river with my partner and our son, stop at Pets at home on the way back so my son can stare at the fish, it's a sensory goldmine in there for him and then Starbucks opposite for a treat.

Sunday I'd have a pamper day at home, hot bubble bath, steam facial, do my nails, fresh pyjamas and bedding, maybe a cocktail or two to sip on, then get comfortable on the sofa with a blanket and a family movie or some sort of game.

That's actually what I do most weekends anyway, although I'm currently substituting cocktails for water because I'm pregnant.

Waxonwaxoff0 Tue 04-May-21 21:19:42

Extrovert here and I hate spending too much time at home.

My perfect weekend - Saturday do a bit of shopping, go for a coffee, get my nails and hair done. Saturday night get dressed up and go out for a meal with my friends followed by drinks and dancing. Sunday a day with all my extended family, a BBQ if it's nice weather. Not at my house! grin

Or a weekend away in a hotel somewhere would be perfect too.

Foodisascience Tue 04-May-21 22:11:30

A weekend that would need real effort.
Breakfast on a warm and sunny balcony overlooking the sea. Read a book for an hour, walk along the beach, look in rock pools. swim in the sea. Long shower. Visit a museum the a long dinner with a cheese board. Sit under the stars and doze off.

An easily achievable weekend.
Long lay in, tea in bed. Long walk then bbq in the back garden. Game on my console for about three hours alone then snuggle on the sofa watching a film whilst eating tortillas.

FinnegansWhiskers Tue 04-May-21 22:32:45

My DD spends her weekends at her boyfriends house. My ideal weekend would be if DH spent the weekend elsewhere. I would take the dog for a long walk. Come home, have lunch, catch up with TV on catch up, with no interruptions. Take dog out for night time walk. Return home and repeat all weekend. If only..... 🥴

jellybe Tue 04-May-21 22:38:33

It would involve a secluded cottage by the sea. A stack of books and good film. Autumn weather as I don't love the baking sun. Lots of lovely food, but nothing to fiddly to cook.

I'd go for long walks along the beach, then snuggle in and be all cosy.

If he is very lucky I might let DH come with me.

Hughbert Tue 04-May-21 22:50:55

I'm very introverted, but yours would be a nightmare for me due to the things you like being completely not to my taste!
My perfect weekend would be a Friday night flight on my own to somewhere like Seville followed by 48 hours of sightseeing and great food and wine.

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