I want a proper grown up shower gel that smells exactly like Childs Farm bedtime bubbles... any suggestions?

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mogtheexcellent Tue 04-May-21 20:11:09

Christ I bath in pirate matey. Its the only one that as long lasting bubbles. Just share the kids one.

bellabride Tue 04-May-21 20:09:28

I've been using Child's Farm in the shower since reading that it's good for people with eczema: I don't have eczema, but it's good for my sensitive, dry menopausal skin.

GellerYeller Tue 04-May-21 19:59:37

The fig range is really good. And the sunscreen. Oh and the blackberry and apple fragrance. I haven't seen it in a whole but they had a rhubarb and custard 3 in 1 shower/shampoo/conditioner. I'm a fan grin

WorriedMillie Tue 04-May-21 06:49:23

OP, I bought the raspberry scented Child’s farm for myself yesterday, because I liked the smell of DD’s so much

Home bargains had in for £2 last week, I got yesterday’s bottle from Asda for £1.50!

PlumpAndDeliciousFatcat Tue 04-May-21 06:40:44

It’s often on offer - 500ml for £6. The Body Shop satsuma one is much more expensive at £6.99 for 250ml.

Maybe you could let us know your budget. ‘Grown up’ implies that you don’t mind spending a bit more.

AngeloMysterioso Tue 04-May-21 00:03:10

The child’s farm stuff is pretty pricey for how much you get in a bottle or I would use it!

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Lamentations Mon 03-May-21 23:40:49

Agree just use that! Bubble bath and shower gel are essentially the same thing.


Mumbot345635 Mon 03-May-21 23:37:25

I don’t think child’s farm has an age limit! Just use it!

wineosaurus4 Mon 03-May-21 23:12:55

I use The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel (and body butter!) It's my absolute favourite and takes me back to being a youngster. I remember having the soap bars of it back then.

GellerYeller Mon 03-May-21 23:08:59

I use loads of Childs Farm products. They have an adult range now, Farmology. Body Shop still do Satsuma shower gel too.

tiredteacher100 Mon 03-May-21 23:03:37

I use Child's Farm orange body wash in the shower

DipSwimSwoosh Mon 03-May-21 22:59:01

Use Child's Farm then.

mnahmnah Mon 03-May-21 22:54:44


hilariousnamehere Mon 03-May-21 22:50:48

Radox do a mandarin and lemongrass one which is lovely but not smelt child's farm so can't comment on similarity. I can't think of anything I've seen with tangerine obviously in it sad

Cherrysoup Mon 03-May-21 22:48:36

Why not just use the Child’s Farm one? Natural source do essential oil ones, I think there’s a tangerine one.

PlumpAndDeliciousFatcat Mon 03-May-21 22:28:17

If you or someone you know is a member of Beauty Pie their ‘soul providers’ body wash smells similar.

AngeloMysterioso Mon 03-May-21 22:20:41

Finally got round to pouring some into DS’s bath this evening and OMG it smells amazing... it has a sort of 90’s Body Shop smell to it (in a good way). I had a quick squint at the bottle and it appears the lovely smell is tangerine oil... but I can’t for the life of me find any tangerine based shower gels. Could anyone suggest something I could try?

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