Kind of want to lose the weight I put on over the last year but also can't be arsed

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Tuesdaysintheazores Mon 03-May-21 20:26:48

Anyone else? Any attempt or resolution I make about it lasts no more than a few hours. I feel like I haven't got my life back yet, and don't want to stop the comfort eating or launch into a big exercise programme because of being too tired

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puppygalore Mon 03-May-21 20:41:51

Same! I'm sick of myself. I've known I've been putting weight on over lockdowns and kept thinking 'when X happens I'll lose the weight' and just never did. I have no motivation at the moment, no nights out planned or holidays booked, so just bought the next size up jeans and carried on eating everything. I do exercise but something seems to crop up and throws me out of the routine then it's hard to get back into it. I wish I didn't care as I bore myself thinking about my weight.

osbertthesyrianhamster Mon 03-May-21 20:44:38

I only started to get back into more serious exercise because I'm going to meet friends for a week next month.

Tuesdaysintheazores Mon 03-May-21 20:48:12

I bought the next size jeans up too puppygalore grin

I think that's a good point osbertthesyrianhamster having something to focus on. I do have a short trip booked in a couple of months

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Sagaris Mon 03-May-21 21:01:53

I can't even get into jeans - jogging bottoms for me! I'm disgusted with myself, I lost a stone last year and have put all that back on and more. I've signed up to a weight loss programme today, I've tried the VLCD's, Slimming World etc but the weight always finds it's way back - I'm just a pig! So, it's now or never for me - the thought of going back to the office, albeit for one day a fortnight, and looking like a barrel is focussing my resolve somewhat .......good luck all!

Tuesdaysintheazores Mon 03-May-21 21:17:34

Thanks Sagaris and good luck with returning to the office. You've done well to sign up to a programme and show some willpower

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Stopsnowing Mon 03-May-21 21:18:18

Are you me?

puppygalore Mon 03-May-21 21:31:30

I've spent the past 10 years of my life 'on a diet' of some sort and that's bloody depressing. The year before lockdown I did low carb on and off for a few months and went cold turkey on sugar, it was a revelation. It was brilliant for me, only thing that's ever worked to drop weight. SW, WW, shakes, cico etc never helped. But as soon as I started eating more normally and allowing myself bits of pasta and stuff during first lockdown, the weight crept back on.

I wonder if at some point I'll just go 'I'm fine as I am, bit wobbly but I'm basically ok.' Husband loves me at any size, kids don't care, am I better off being flabby but happy or feeling crappy on a diet or forced exercise but healthier? I don't want to be on my deathbed regretting how many hours of my life I've spent counting calories or carbs or whatever. I never get the endorphin high from running or exercise, weights bores me, cardio and Hiit stuff is too much. Equally I don't want to be on my deathbed at a young age with diabetes and obesity! I think I need to change my mindset so sugar/chocolate doesn't feel like the cure all. But lockdown is so boring I enjoy a sugary treat and feel like this is literally the 1 thing I can do to feel good right now.

CarolinaWeeper Mon 03-May-21 21:36:14

This is absolutely me. I've put on almost two stone sincd the first lockdown, I don't want to be this big but I just. cannnot. be. arsed.

cadentiasidera Mon 03-May-21 21:56:25

YES! Me too, my weight was already going up before covid but lockdowns just accelerated it. A combination of being on anti depressants, breastfeeding (which added to severe PNA made me lose weight rapidly for the first year then I piled it all back on and more) and general lack of exercise has not helped. I want to be healthier but it's just too much effort!

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 03-May-21 22:01:54

I really feel you have to be in The Zone for it to work. I put on 2 stone since before covid. Managed to lose nearly a stone doing low carb a few months ago as I was really in the zone, then I was ill and went off it and now not only can I not get my mojo back, I'm actively overeating in some kind of desperate 'eat all the food before I have to be good again' craziness. I'm also too tired, bored, lazy and fed up to exercise.

I think I'm slightly depressed. Not enough for medication, just enough that a decent diet and exercise would probably fix it completely, but I just can't be arsed...

Tuesdaysintheazores Mon 03-May-21 22:09:47

I have found my group at least smile

Yes that's it RagzReturnsRebooted I feel like I'm not in the zone, quite meh about everything, sort of vaguely depressed maybe, not much interest in socialising or anything yet. Also I wonder if it all seems less important compared to the pandemic. But on the other hand, I don't want to have to buy a complete bigger sized wardrobe. But where the motivation's going to come from I do not know

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MarkRuffaloCrumble Mon 03-May-21 22:10:45

These posts are ringing all the bells! Currently stuffing my face with cakes and will no doubt have a bag or two of crisps before bed in a couple of hours. I’ve totally lost my mojo sad

Figmentofimagination Mon 03-May-21 22:13:04

🙋🏻‍♀️ I lost nearly 3stone in 2015-2016, got pregnant in 2016 and gave birth 2017 and went back down to my pre-pregnancy weight loss weight about a month after giving birth. But since then the weight has slowly crept back on, and lockdown has really made it worse. I can't fit in any of my jeans. I'm wearing yoga pants or elasticated waist linen trousers when I leave the house. My normal bras don't fit either, I'm wearing my maternity bras again.
I know I need to do something about it, I know how to do it, but I just don't have the motivation to do anything about it. I make excuses but really I can't be bothered. I don't have anything to look forward to, to give me the motivation.

AlexaRain Mon 03-May-21 22:13:53

There's a thread running about Orlistat. It's the only thing that worked for me. Working from home is a good time to try it. If your GP won't prescribe it you can buy it on online pharmacies.

mamaduckbone Mon 03-May-21 22:19:31

Yep, this is absolutely me. Last time I lost weight we had a lovely holiday in France booked and I wanted to look good on the beach. Nothing booked, nowt much to look forward to, still. I keep trying for a week or two then give up again because let's be honest, cake is one of the few pleasures we still have.

puppygalore Tue 04-May-21 18:31:09

@AlexaRain what if your BMI isn't high enough? Do you just lie on the online request? And what does it actually do, stop you feeling hungry? Thanks

Bomchiccawick Tue 04-May-21 18:50:18

I was feeling this way in January, was mildly depressed, felt really down about my weight and was fed up of being stuck alone with a toddler all day every day but two of my friends started diets. I really was not in the mood for dieting and ignored it for a couple more weeks until I was so horrified by reaching my heaviest ever weight that I promised myself to just do 1 week of being good then I’ll treat myself. Once I’d seen a good loss in that one week it spurred me on to carry on with the diet which saw me lose 2 stone in 13 weeks. I’m back to a healthy bmi now and have much more energy. It was tough dieting through potty training wine grin but so glad I carried on. You can do it OP, starting is the hardest part!

Tuesdaysintheazores Tue 04-May-21 19:16:54

Oh well done Bomchiccawick I can see how you can get in a positive spiral once actually started. A good plan to just aim to do a week

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Sagaris Tue 04-May-21 20:19:45

Well I have stuck to the diet plan for 2 days, drunk 1600ml water both days (that's a miracle on its own!), done 5000 steps both days (chained to a laptop for 8 hours a day doesn't help) and I've just done a workout. My first ever. I expect this to last until the end of the week.....but if I can do it......grin

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