Do you shower every single day?

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LudoBear Mon 03-May-21 16:39:31

Wondering whats actually normal. I shower every 2-3 days in the evenings.

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minipie Mon 03-May-21 16:40:38

Yes I do. Mainly because I struggle to feel properly awake without a shower. But also, I think I’d smell... maybe not after skipping one day but definitely after two.

Thefamilybusiness Mon 03-May-21 16:41:33

I bath every day, don't really like the shower but I will sometimes have a quick one if I'm in a rush.

Anordinarymum Mon 03-May-21 16:41:58

I shower every day because I want to. That's whether I need to or not

AlwaysLatte Mon 03-May-21 16:42:08

Yes at least once a day! Once in 3 days I would hate.

MeadowLines Mon 03-May-21 16:42:10

Nope, same as you. Its bad for skin to be washed every day and also not good for the environment. I shower daily in the summer when I sweat though, but a quick wash all over just

Bigwave Mon 03-May-21 16:42:55

i maybe skip a day once a week being extra lazy on a weekend, but apart from that, yes every day. i couldn't go to work having sweated out how ever many litres it is that you do overnight without showering in the morning.

Earlybirdmissedtheworm Mon 03-May-21 16:43:00

I shower every night before bed, can't get into bed without having showered.
I would feel gross not showering daily (whatever time suits).

LawnFever Mon 03-May-21 16:43:23

Yes because I feel more awake for work if I have a shower in the morning, but I don’t honestly think anyone else would notice if I only had a shower every 2-3 days

dementedpixie Mon 03-May-21 16:43:54

Yes, sometimes twice if I exercise
I smell of BO when I get up so I couldn't go out unshowered

LaBellina Mon 03-May-21 16:43:58

Yes. Twice actually- in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. I usually shower very fast - 5 minutes max.

Sometimes when I come home during the day and have sweating a lot, I wash my pits by the sink with some soap and water and change my top. I can get sweaty easily and I’m very self conscious about not smelling badly blush

purpledagger Mon 03-May-21 16:44:35

Yes, I bath or shower everyday. I like to start my day feeling clean. I'm also quite sweaty, so I worry about smelling.

Sunny1112 Mon 03-May-21 16:44:37

Everyday, sometimes twice a day.
I just don’t feel clean or ready without a shower.
Deffo couldn’t go into work without one!

PatrickBatemann Mon 03-May-21 16:44:55


Crunchymum Mon 03-May-21 16:44:57

Everyday in hot / warmer weather.

Every other day otherwise.

I have terrible Psoriasis and showering everyday exacerbates it (in my scalp and around my ears)

Bluntness100 Mon 03-May-21 16:45:13

Do you wash yourself in between? Do you change your underwear etc daily? You’re not putting clean clothing over an unwashed body?

PerhapsInchyraBlue Mon 03-May-21 16:45:42

Yes, but I have awful skin that hurts if I don't. If I swim (3 times a week) then I shower again afterwards.

GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Mon 03-May-21 16:45:55

I shower every morning and usually in the evening too, it just makes me feel cleaner. I couldn't go for more than a day without a shower.

SleepyMama25 Mon 03-May-21 16:45:56

Every evening, I feel really grim if I don't. I often shower in the afternoon now I'm WFH as I just can't cope with feeling grubby. Clean body, clean clothes every day is a non negotiable. I only bath the kids twice a week though, unless they get unusually dirty

EastWestWhosBest Mon 03-May-21 16:46:33

Yes. I work out every morning. No way could I not wash.

UhtredRagnarson Mon 03-May-21 16:46:46

Yes. Every day unless I’m unwell. I can’t start my day until I’ve showered.

nimbuscloud Mon 03-May-21 16:46:51

Every morning
Takes less than 5 minutes.

TwinMum89 Mon 03-May-21 16:47:02

I shower every day but my husband showers every other day unless he has exercised/it is a hot day.

Alsohuman Mon 03-May-21 16:47:13

If I didn’t shower every day before I get dressed I’d feel like a bag lady.

DinosaurDiana Mon 03-May-21 16:47:52

Twice a day.

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