What was your favourite night out snack?

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RosieLemonade Sat 01-May-21 20:41:54

Mine was chips with loads of garlic mayo. I must have had it several nights a week in uni! Eating after a night out wasn't a thing in my home town so I used to love getting food after a night out!

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OneStepOneStumble Sat 01-May-21 20:43:39

Cheesy chips, curly fries or chicken nuggets. Would always be from a questionable takeaway. Haven't had such a poor quality yet delicious meal in years 😂

pinkpip100 Sat 01-May-21 20:51:43

Chips in pitta from the kebab shop - stuffed with salad, hummus and pickled jalapeños!

3Britnee Sat 01-May-21 21:03:06

McDonald's or a donner.

WildOrchids67 Sat 01-May-21 21:04:05

Chips and cheese. Not expensive and satisfying!

Condenast Sat 01-May-21 21:04:10

Chips, cheese and gravy

DisgruntledPelican Sat 01-May-21 21:05:19

Chips, cheese and mayo. Or a gyros (fancy doner kebab, with chips) from a Greek van. Mmm.

Rummikub Sat 01-May-21 21:07:17

Always chips with lots of vinegar

tobee Sat 01-May-21 21:09:51

Pancake roll. Very greasy but delicious

DragonMamma Sat 01-May-21 21:11:24

When I was in Manchester for Uni it was always Abduls for a chip naan. Food of the gods.

Latter years it was cheese and chips, sometimes with a pukka pie!

PaperMonster Sat 01-May-21 21:14:12

Garlic bread from a particular takeaway in a northern town.

CruellaDaVille Sat 01-May-21 21:15:01

Locally chippy did a Chip butty with really thick gravy for dipping.

LubaLuca Sat 01-May-21 21:15:47

Chips in pitta with salad, hummus and jalapenos. I haven't had that for more than 20 years, but I could demolish it right now.

LunaNorth Sat 01-May-21 21:15:58

Pattie butty.

Vyff Sat 01-May-21 21:16:34

Chips, cheese and gravy

MorvaanReed Sat 01-May-21 21:17:13

Two slices of frozen Sarah Lee chocolate gateau brought from the all night convenience store. I'd take them home and let them defrost while watching late night TV before eating and going to bed.

Northernsoullover Sat 01-May-21 21:17:56

Fried egg and onion roll from the burger van outside of the students union. If we didn't eat on the way home my friend would make cheese toasties. Happy memories smile

MorvaanReed Sat 01-May-21 21:19:51

Bought not brought. I swear I wrote bought.

StopCryingYourHeartOut Sat 01-May-21 21:20:08

Donner kebab

delilahbucket Sat 01-May-21 21:20:11

Supernoodles at 3am 😁

inappropriateraspberry Sat 01-May-21 21:20:42

Chips with cheese in pita bread! God I miss that...

Sceptre86 Sat 01-May-21 21:22:16

@DragonMamma God I loved Abduls, I always visit when I go back home to Manchester. I'd always get a mixed kebab with lamb and chicken tikka.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 01-May-21 21:23:24

Cheesy chips.

inappropriateraspberry Sat 01-May-21 21:23:32

Or a fried egg sandwich when I got home. We had an aga, and cooked the egg straight on the hot plate with a non stick sheet, so no mess or noise with pans waking everyone else up!

Mrsjayy Sat 01-May-21 21:26:00

Pakora with 2 sauces or a chip butty!

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