Fed up with unsupportive grandparents

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Chicci1 Mon 19-Apr-21 19:53:30

I feel like I’m surrounded by families with really supportive grandparents and we are so alone. I have been feeling this way for a long time but it seems to be getting worse and worse. Very upset today as 7 year old dd was diagnosed with covid. I texted my family WhatsApp group to let them know this morning and response from my mum was “oh dear”. Have heard nothing since. Thank god my daughter is symptom free so far but no one in my family even asked how she is. We’re all waiting for tests and self isolating now and not even a token offer to drop off milk or anything. My parents are healthy, retired, are in their 60s and live five mins drive away. Does anyone else have family just don’t seem to care and how do you deal with it without it eating you up?

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roguetomato Mon 19-Apr-21 19:57:27

Do they help you if you ask? If they do, you are luckier than many of us.
Count your lucky stars, not the negative ones. At least you have healthy parents close by.

rainbowthoughts Mon 19-Apr-21 19:58:46

I think it would help to know what you expect from them and how they are unsupportive?

Replying 'oh dear' to a message from you about covid just says to me you don't have that close a relationship.

roguetomato Mon 19-Apr-21 20:00:27

And hope your dd gets better soon, or even better that she doesn't get any symptoms at all.

BackforGood Mon 19-Apr-21 20:23:07

I'm not really sure what you want them to say either.
Presumably if you'd needed something (eg the milk) you'd have said "Don't really want to take her out" or "We're all isolating" "Is anyone able to drop of some milk please?"

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