Silent dishwasher war !

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6rainbow Mon 19-Apr-21 18:11:07

* * Warning lighthearted thread

I feel like I am having a silent war re: dishwasher with my husband and is completely unaware.

It's a brand new dishwasher which had a long or short cycle. He insists we don't need to use the long cycle so inevitably dishes don't come out clean. I can't be bothered to discuss and he does way more that 50 % of house work so as soon as he switches on the dishwasher I have taken to resetting it (when I feel dishes too dirty) which makes me feel so smug.

Is this just me or please tell me there are other people to who things behind partners back that make them feel smug !

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BluTangClan Mon 19-Apr-21 18:58:53

But he'll see the dishes coming out clean and carry on assuming that a quick wash is sufficient, not realising you've changed the cycle.

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