Belfast passport office

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Elekol Mon 19-Apr-21 17:57:29

I am trying to find the direct number of Belfast passport office. Can someone help pls? Sent them my son's documents more than a week ago, but did not get any confirmation from them. My own documents were directed to a different passport office and they started to process them already the next day. I am worried that in Belfast they might have lost my son's documents. Will appreciate if anyone can give their phone number or share any feedback about how they work.

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Elekol Mon 19-Apr-21 18:06:18

I found this number 02890789464 in some previous posts here on mumsnet - but it does not work anymore. Have anyone had to deal with them recently and can share their number?

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MoiraRosefan Mon 19-Apr-21 21:31:03

Try this 0300 222 0000

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