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ComfortFoodCorner Mon 19-Apr-21 09:43:20

Not sure if it's an odd topic, but seeing it's a "generic chat" section, I hope it should be ok.

I work full time Monday-Friday 9-6pm. Have a 8yr old girl, Im her playmate most of the time, and I do love spending time with her.

Recently I got too into working on my passion, which is writing, and doing creative stuff which takes a lot of time and energy. It overwhelms me and even makes me sad when I don't find time to work on that.. Whole week I dream of working on that during weekends, and weekends get busy with usual routine stuff, and I hardly left with any energy for my passion.

Anybody in my position, how you manage to find time for your own stuff along with work and family demands..

Hope it will start an interesting discussion with moms who want to pursue their passion...

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